Monday, May 12, 2003

Well I've managed to poop off this morning. I had high expectations but low drag. :D

I've been surfing, downloading music. I'm STILL finding Sims stuff to download. Man, I love the idea of clicking a person's face and controlling them so completely. I can't control anything, even myself, and love that little fantasy world.

Good thing I've never tried street drugs, huh? Anyone addicted to computer games and Diet Pepsi should stay away from crack.

After I enter in here, I'll probably finish up online, then clean, then work out, then be more lazy. Husband gets dibs on the computer tonight, so I'm trying to get my fix over with during the day.

Ate gourmet from Dean and Deluca for Mom's day yesterday, plus two donuts. Now, I could have eaten six of them 6 months to a year ago, but after the first yesterday, I was rather queasy. Of course I ate the second one right away, it was a Bismark, fer Pete's sake. When faced with a wall of different donut varieties, THAT'S the one I pick out every time. If there are none there, then I don't waste the stomach space.

I've become a lot more selective in my eating. Smaller portions of more expensive food so the grocery bill stays the same, I'm just more expensive per pound. Ha ha ha!

I absolutely love the song "She F*ing hates me". The radio pushes it by taking out the ck part of f*ing so it really is fuhin' hates me on the radio. I think THAT'S a bit much. Especially around the grade-schoolers. Really hate it when teenagers use bad language around my kid. I mean, come on, is it going to be that hard to let her be a kid for at least a couple of years more? Kids today are bombarded with adult themes and it's tough to be a filter ALL the time. Think about it, did you have any idea what gay love was when you were in first grade? I had to date a couple in college before I knew they REALLY existed. (I was sheltered, ok?)

Am not weighing today, too bloated from the asparagus last night. Might as well eat some hummus, chili with beans, boiled eggs, and those lab experiments formerly known as artichokes. Give my intestines a really good workout.

Did you know that downloading five songs at a time @ 45k bogs down your internet connection? Who knew?

Me want high-speed, me too cheap.

Ok, must print out new daily task list and hop to it. Later.

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