Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Good: Have stuck to the new diet so far today.

Bad: Haven't done anything around the house and it's 11:00am.

Things must do:

Get Nemesis since it's out today.
Work out at the gym.
Finish up the laundry.
Self-maintenance (I'm overdue for a grey touch-up and eyebrow trim.
Finish up the child's dresser drawers (there's tons of screwdriver work and it's cramping my hand!)

People are really starting to piss me off. Rude/aggressive drivers and telemarketers/salesmen. All I want to do is go from point A to point B without totalling my car and it seems others are damned and determined to wreck. Buttheads. Then, with all the salescalls and stuff, I'm like, no I don't want it, no, I don't want it, no, I don't want it. I'm going to have to start asking, did I call you? No? Then what makes you think I want this? Buttheads.

I'm trying to be positive. Not working. Maybe I need to double up on Zoloft.

Enduring "the View". Wouldn't you just HATE it if your name was synonomous with 'Blowjob' ala 'Monica'? Eeesh!

Wrapping up, going to Diaryland to post pms rants, then attacking the list.

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