Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Insert Clever Title Here

The NEW Dones are:
Put up fallen siding-Yay! I didn't even curse when the plastic jar of itty bitty nails spilled! Just thought, "Well, that's about right."
Mow the lawn-front and sides
Edge the lawn-front and sides until the charge ran out
Garage-move the rocks to the backyard-I had this listed twice, so I carried the bags of medium river rocks back there, then brought them back to the front, then carried them back again. You know, since it was listed twice and all... Just kidding! Once was quite enough.
Bring the cut up branches and sacks to the front for Saturday-Did I do what my father had said and wear gloves while working with dead rosebushes? Heck no! That would have been the SMART thing to do and heaven forbid that happen!
Colored my hair-No one noticed except the gray was mysteriously gone.
Cleaned out laundry room-it was chock full of recyclables, which the garbage guys took away yesterday. Ahhhhhh, garbage day. Almost as good as grocery day where the Diet Pepsi and South Beach treats are stockpiled. There's a pile of blankets and sheets from yesterday's clean sheet day, and that's it. For some reason, the dryer isn't drying, so...

Quickies to do this morning:
Shop-vac the dryer vent to outside. Don't put hand down tube to remove lint, too scary.
Put away yet more clothes, swapping out the seasonals.
Laundry-You'll see, these items being listed are a not-good sign...
Call my mom about Hubby's recommending Super 8.

Everything else on the list is blablabla. I'm in the beginnings of my younger sister's cold, I think. Plus, I got so much done outside yesterday, Hubs suspected I had PMS, which, was true. He can tell by my use of a rake, carrying heavy items, or me shop-vaccing the driveway. Not that I did use the shop-vac on that, but when I want to instead of just sweeping, he knows. I'll just list the rest below. This afternoon, I'm working on the Fry's blanket for the Guilt Knit, then doing some serious napping.

Things that will take a bit more time:
Deal with living room books

Things for outside:
Mow the lawn-back yard this time
Edge the lawn-back yard this time, too
Figure out where to, then plant bulbs
Disconnect, clean out, and store the pond pump.
Feed the irises
Ignore the pond's leak until spring-There's a couple of places the stream likes to leak. While cooler, it's still too warm to move rocks without a spider or snake surprising me. Snakes always startle me, and the spiders out there are huge and hairy. If they're not hairy, I can smack them with my hand to kill, black widows the exception.

Things I'm way too lazy to do but must anyway:
Bissel all floors-The Bissel IS out here in the kitchen, thanks to Claude's latest request for a transfer, i.e. hacking up a hairball.

Dear Mr. Claude D. Van Damme Cat,

We hereby approve your request for transfer via the carpet spotting method. Please be advised that the taxidermist has been contacted and your appointment is soon. Very very soon.

Thank you
Magistrate Of Mammal Movement (MOMM)

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