Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Call me seafoam or teal.

What do you get when you mix envy green and blue mood? Me! I thought I was doing great on the mitten until this morning. Here I am, minding my own business, drinking my morning mud and perusing the knit blogs when I see this:

Sigh. Wendy is truly a knit goddess. Click on the photo to visit her website. Color changes of any kind are not my forte'. I know how, can teach the technique, but my work really stinks in that area.

Due to luck of the draw, the yarn for the palm of the mitten happens to be some of the thinnest in the bunch. Oh joy. I scanned this in after seeing Wendy's wonderful work. Zooming in on my own stitches was NOT a good idea, thus, the blue in my mood. I have real fears of entering "Yellow mitten #243" sometime next year. Taking my handicapped mitten, doing some fancy embroidery on the holes, and calling that a 'feature', is looking better all the time. See? My old software programming days WERE worth something.

Weight is 156lbs still. I'm walking the paper route with Fry this evening, so that's exercise. I must have had the rest of the Chinese food yesterday. I can't let myself get too glum about the lack of downward trend in the scale. Last year, I was this weight and 157 at times. At least I'm not gaining. Could always be worse. There's a vast, teeming, hoard of women who would love to have my life (and probably an equal amount who wouldn't!), so I'm very happy with the status quo.

Since today is Anti-Procrastination day, I'm updating my list of things I don't want to do. It's actually shorter than last weeks, very good, huh?

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