Monday, October 24, 2005

Handsome Men, Taxi Afternoon, and Great Minds

I had just saved my Blog, then checked out The Shady Marlin for my soap's daily recap, when I saw a couple of uniformed men outside the dining room window. They both wore BDUs, not the DCUs everyone who watches the Iraq war news are familiar with. My beloved hubby was home! Already! We didn't expect him to be home before 9:00 tonight. What a great treat! His Commander dropped Hubby off here before turning in the rental. We went to the DMV to renew his license, then to K-Mart for sandpaper, then home. He did the taxi service for Fry's Catholic and Karate stuff this evening while I fixed dinner and read blogs. I'm just now starting the mittens. Where did the evening go?! Somehow I've managed to get very little done today. Tomorrow is going to have to be more productive. I keep forgetting to tell how fun the corn maze was and my next guilt project. I've also decided not to resist the lure of Socktober. No need to sign up, since it's already the 24th, but that's no reason to NOT whip up a pair anyway. Hubs was tormenting the cat, who caught a claw in Hub's sock. No damage, however, if he's going to be reckless, he needs a backup pair.

Remember this from last month?

It seems that Fuzzy Logic has the same idea. Same pattern, same color. One huge difference is that she spun her yarn. Not me! I've been tempted, but haven't made the leap. Isn't her bunny the cutest? I adore bunnies, so this is something I'd love to do.


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