Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lazy Day

Fry's blanket is done! It's not that big of a deal, but it did get me a hug this morning. The blanket is big and fluffy, and very warm.

On my way upstairs, I'll do a small search for the digital camera. Hubby made it work with his computers upstairs. I'll have to make it work with the DSL computer down here. Camera, software, install, test, and I'll have real pictures to show. The scanned pictures are ok, in a lo-tech weenie way.

I quickly flipped rocks, looking for the pond's leak yesterday. Found that and didn't find spiders. Fry had a mini watermelon from her 'garden'. While only as big as a runted lime, we opened it and the thing was good! Ripe, tasty, and she has one seed from it.

Shop-vaccing the dryer vent from the garage wasn't enough, I had to go outside and knock the lint out from that angle, too. (it's a convoluted system) Lint blockage can cause house fires, so I keep an eye on that. The blockage also keeps our clothes from ever drying.

I kept thinking I'd stop doing the mundane and actually knit. Nope, not until 10:00pm. Seascapes is quickly becoming my new Guilt Project, taunting me with "You afraid? You afraid to finish me, chicken?" Then there are 3 baby blankets needing a decorative edge. I have Nicky Epstein's 'Edge' books, so the hard part will be picking just three to do. Some of yesterday was spent sorting patterns I have done versus what I want done. Then, I sorted my project bags by priority and ease of finishing. I'm quickly running out of UFOs! I don't know what I'll do without those hanging over my head.

What with being female and fighting a cold (I'm winning!), I'm so pooped. After putting the washer and dryer to work, I'm taking a nap. The Nyquil I took last night is still lurking in my system.

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