Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Unintentionally Lazy Day

Ribbing is a slow go for me. I did this last night and nothing at all today. I really must move my hiney and do something more than move fresh washed blankets around and wash dishes. Honestly. Sometimes I think I'm manic-depressive lite due to the all or nothing levels of my energies.

The corn maze was a blast. My map reading talent came in handy. The maze creators put various podiums with a hole puncher. As a person finds them, they can punch the corresponding number on their card. Once I assumed command of the group, we found almost half of them in a couple of hours. After a while I realized the maze was supposed to be more fun than goal driven. I think everyone liked being absolved of finding their way and were more than happy to be sheep.

Snowball, in the comments, is kind to my 'special' mitten. I'm thinking that since Toppa collects happy faces, I could embroider a loopy smiley face on the palm, then shadow box it. It's a true 'handi'capped mitten. Full of it today, aren't I?

My diet software? I replied that "I love Diet Power at www.dietpower.com. Not only does it have fast food already in the database, I'm allowed to enter in recipes. The software does the computations for me. Plus, I can arrange the personal settings to account for low sugar but high carbs in the protein-carb-fat ratios." I also use something called Weight Commander at www.weightcommander.com and bought it before Michael the creator put it as online only. I don't care for online only, a phobia from my dialup days.

All right, this is bad, but true. My daughter's Catholic classes are going well, obviously. How do I know this? Well, for some reason, she and I were discussing birth control, then Roe v Wade, then what Catholics believe about the issue. In our house, due to EA's The Sims, to "Kiss and rub butts" is a euphamism for sex. Hubby and I are under strict orders to not do the above, since Fry doesn't want a brother or sister to get in on her action. In the interest of getting her through college before getting pregnant, I emphasized that most Catholics do use birth control. Below is how the conversation nosedived.

Fry: Dad doesn't use birth control.
[Mom snorts]
Mom: Oh yes he does!
[Dubious look from Fry]
Mom: Why do you think you don't have a herd of brothers and sisters running around here? You think we've only kissed and rubbed butts once to get you?
Fry: [said as if Mom is moronic for laughing] Yeah, of course.
Mom: [sardonic] No, it's happened more than once, I'm afraid.
Fry: Oh gaw!

Sheesh. You'd figure a kid who slipped "Let me in!" notes under her parent's locked bedroom door would have some idea. Thankfully, since she was only eight at the time, she didn't know. I want her to get answers from me without her becoming the fourth grade's Dr. Ruth. In MY experiences with male Catholics, they have an unadmitted policy of "For procreation, not recreation" when it comes to sex. It's a general tendency in a small sample size, is not an absolute, and is applied in varying degrees. So when Fry's logical reasoning is One Kid = One Kiss and Rub Butts, I'm not surprised.

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