Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day Two of: Woooo! (doin' the rock n' roll hands thingy)

It's here! It's here! My Sims 2 Nightlife is here! I haven't been this excited since [every other nerd event in the last 40 years] happened.

Eeeee! Cars, restaurants, bowling alleys, nightclubs...wooo!

Ok, in the interest of actually living like a human being, I'm going to set a timer for 30 minutes. Every time the timer goes off, I'm going to have to do something productive. Like, dishes, laundry, vacuum, eat, shower. That sort of thing.

If I start now, by the time Fry gets home, I can let her have computer, then help her through the nightclubbing. It's rated T for teen, on account of crude humor, suggestive themes, and violence. All of the above is very cartoonish, the violence is less than what Wile E Coyote endured, the suggestive themes are much less than any on TV during prime time, and from what I hear, the crude humor on the school bus makes the sailors blush.

Ok, enough. I have to install the software and see if it lives up to the promise. If family members need me, please call, since I'm not likely to break for email. :D

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