Wednesday, September 07, 2005

All Pissed off and No One to Slap/Kitten Kocaine

Here's an afternoon quickie! I've found a lovely webpage that allows everyone Republican to find someone to blame for the ghastly water and dead people from Katrina. Enjoy!

This is all especially crappy considering John Kerry's camp sent us on the list an email about Katrina on August 31st. Paraphrasing, it said "People are or will be in dire straights, let's pull together and help them." I hope, but don't expect, for the 51% who voted for Bush heed this wakeup call. Bush's purpose in the White House is to line his and his friend's pockets.

One more political thing and I'm outta here. Fry will be home soon and will be begging to go to the pool. My mother told me a story this morning about the American Red Cross. It seems that while my Great Uncle Fay was in WWII, a bakery at their own expense made up a bunch of treats for the troops. A Red Cross vehicle pulled up, a few cute girls in nice uniforms hopped out, and were photographed serving the troops brownies and cupcakes. Once the photo quota was met, they all bundled up and left. They didn't actually serve all the troops, and they didn't pay for anything. It's been really tough NOT to give to them, because so many need help. Hubby has already given $25. We'll probably give more, I can't imagine not doing so.

Surprising cat news. Ok, I tend to collect seeds when they're on clearance. Herb, flower, even some resulting in disaster vegetable seeds. So last spring, Fry and I planted seeds willy-nilly in this mini greenhouse of hers. Did I mark them? Heck no! That's too sensible and easy. Sheesh.

As a result, I now have a rather large flowerpot of catnip and not columbines as I'd thought I'd had. After I thought the plants looked a little 'herb'y, I'd broken off a leaf, sniffed, and realized what was growing. Happy for Claude, if he liked it, I brought in the leaf to him. It's obvious that anything else catnip must not have ever been fresh. He sniffed the leaf, licked it, then ATE it. I waited around to see if he barfed it back up, since barfing is his beloved hobby. No barf so far. In fact, I put a couple of crushed up leaves into one of his toys (usually ignored). Not only has he played with it all afternoon (and he doesn't play with anything!!), he is right now sleeping, using the toy as a pillow.

So I'm thinking, wouldn't it be nice of me to design a line of BadKitty knitted toys featuring fresh-dried home grown catnip tucked inside? If my nip-resistant cat loves the stuff, my sister's two cats will be the Cheech and Chong of the feline world.

Speaking of the baby sister. She and I are both eagerly awaiting the release of Sims 2 Nightlife. Today I went ahead and preordered the game. Electronic Arts is a 'sweatshop' for programmers, but Sims is my own Kitty Kocaine. I really can't wait for it to get here, it's not even released until the 13th.

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