Friday, September 02, 2005

That's it, exactly!
There you go. It puts into words what I was thinking and why I'm angry about the hurricane. They point out the poor black population, but they're forgetting the elderly on a fixed income who are in the same boat.

They're sending the National Guard from Independence to New Orleans. While it is a CONUS (Continental United States in Army-speak) assignment, when I read about the filth, dead bodies, and people shooting at relief workers, it's not such a plum assignment. (could I have made that sentence any longer????)

I spent four hours on four rows in the Seascapes Shawl. The new Boye needles have a much better join, much much better, but sadly, my mistakes are what slow me down. The yarn is so fine, I'll tend to pick up the stich underneath the one to knit. Leaving out a yarn-over or adding one in are things I do, too. I honestly don't know how Wendy knits on the train to and from work. I'm doing good to knit while sitting in front of the television. Something really surprising, though. I'm actually starting to prefer the chart to the written instructions.

My sister has a part time job at a supermarket gas station. Her roommate sent me and others this latest gas price update. There's a swimming pool across the creek, several grocery stores within a couple of miles from our house, and we enjoy having 'slug' weekends, so we're not planning to take out a loan for travel this weekend. Fry is out of school early today. She'll be going along with me on today's grocery trip. THAT could be bad for my diet.

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