Monday, September 12, 2005

Opinion On The Day After

I thought this was a nice opinion article. Whenever I see my own opinions or questions mirrored by someone else in a more public forum, it's nice. The people and media in my area are very Republican, conservative, and bible-hugging. Not that all that's a bad thing to be, it's just refreshing to see the other point of view. Because I'll get to wondering if I and my family are the only ones to question the way things are going.

Something really cool my Mom said about Brownie (Michael Brown of FEMA, for the cave dwellers/ostrichs) and I'm hoping I quote her correctly, "He can't be fired for incompetence when he wasn't hired for his competence." This was after I was wondering aloud how anyone could still have a job after such a massive and murderous failing in said position.

I might post later. PMS has caught up and slapped my hiney with a headache. I'm taking Relpax, but that takes time to work. While I'm not dying of pain, it does give me the attention span of a small yippy dog.

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