Friday, September 09, 2005

Retraction, Correction, and Observation.

Retraction: When I posted that "Why didn't New Orleans people just leave," I, in my middle class mind, never considered people might not have a car. I'd never own one in London, New York City, or even Chicago. LA, Dallas, Kansas City, Denver are another story. I've been to New Orleans and honestly walked everywhere in the French Quarter. The post was a 'duh' moment on my part.

Correction: In the prior post I needed to change 'me' to 'more'. I'll do what I can to help, but give me? More yes, me no. We're giving $15 to the Wayside Waifs here in KC. They'll be taking in animals and providing assistance to the humane societies in the form of food for all, vaccinations, and boarding. I'm also wanting to be a foster mom to a cat or two, but Hubs doesn't feel too positive about that. We'll see. Also, the OB/GYN appointment was for yesterday, but since I'd been in August and have another appointment for November, both the nurse and I thought this would be overkill. Cancelled!

Observation: I'm sure I'm not the first to notice... Florida had immediate hurricane assistance, the South had very delayed assistance. Florida's govenor is the President's brother, the South has none of his family members in office there.

There could be mitigating circumstances. Florida's hurricanes could be habit, like tornadoes are here, while the Southern Gulf states may have such infrequent hurricanes that they tend not to be prepared. I hope that this is the case. Although, after our President's mother's attitude was shown, I'm leaning towards the first theory.

Here, for the first time anywhere, is my scanned in shawl-in-progress:

Yay!! For me, this is not the Summer of Lace, but the YEAR of Lace. I'm not as fast as I'd like to be, but then, I've knitted these two plus four others. There's Zum Bar soaps in them. Zum Bar is rather pricy at $4.50 a bar, but they smell wonderful and when the scent has faded, the soap is useful. Two lives for the price of, well, never mind. They're a wonderful luxury.

Here we have on the left, the beginnings of an envelope flap purse to be felted and matching the yoga mat bag on the right. The bag didn't scan as well as I'd have liked, but the lawn needs mowing and groceries need bought, so we're going with that for now. I'll have my tall, blonde, and beautiful sister model it for later.

Here is a little lace thing I whipped up as a model for the Advanced Knitting class I taught at Camden Point. It and the snowflake hat later in this post were the demos. The yarn is a yummy cotton and silk blend. I have a lot of Rowan's Summer Tweed just waiting for me to do something with and it may be this. :D
There's a lot of Cape and some of Exotic with one or two skeins of Bouquet and Gold. There's a couple more colors, I'd have to check out the stash to be certain.

In this time, I didn't knit these, but did piece them together. I'm not keen on piecing together, but in my anti-UFO (unfinished object) rally, these were knocked out in a couple of hours.

The hat on the right was knit entirely in this time, the top third of the left finished up.

There you have it! All the procrastination projects since Summer of Lace started. Some of these were knit while on the road, since roads can be bumpy. Trying to knit two stitches together on Seascapes require NO bumps allowed. Tonight on USA, there's hopefully no stupid tennis and I can do the Law & Order:SVU evening and knock out some rows on Sea. :D

I've not updated on the diet and exercise thing in a while. This morning, the scale experience was a "Holy sh*t" one. I am (drumroll, please) 152lbs. A-freaking-mazing. I've only been hard core Phase 2 South Beach for four days and did the Gilad thing for three of those days.

I'd weighed this morning before Brown's ousting. Otherwise, I'd say I'd laughed my ass off. Love that last line.

My spidey senses hear the grass growing and the fresh produce at HyVee calling me...


Sarah (aka Goopa) said...

I wish I was half as good at crochet as you are at knitting! I LOVE the rainbow-colored soap bag!! *hint hint*

Laura said...

Practice, my darling sista, practice. I luuuuve knitting, so I'm always at it.

I like the rainbow soap bag, too! Mom has one and then this one is for M'shell, since she wanted one. It's a fun colorway to knit, so I'll definately whip up one when I'm tired of peering at lace. I also need to get a better image of your yoga bag, since it's making me wish I had the mat to fit in it. :D

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