Tuesday, September 20, 2005


All righty. I just received an email from my younger sister, Toppa. This would be a wonderful time to blog about how I REALLY feel about my two sisters. I'll go in the order of their birth, and Mom, break out the hankies. LOL!

Toppa: I don't remember life before her, and I know there must have been. I was three when she was born. My parents have home movies of me petting her head, which was something I did all the time. She was (and is) the sweet, silly, and loving one of us. Maybe not the most of us, but certainly those are her traits. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen on anyone but my grandfather, from whom she'd inherited them. With her dark hair, those eyes, and rosy lips, she's alway had THE most striking coloring. Toppa is also very athletic, and has energy to spare. Even now, when Goopa, the baby sister, was showing us her dance steps and teaching Toppa, Toppa picked up on them like the steps were nothing. Toppa is a very loving and sweet person, who also has a strong sense of personal space. Sometimes, it's really tough not to just hug and squeeze on her because I love her so. The nice thing is, her niece, Frybaby, is almost a carbon copy of her and I get to love on Fry all I want to. Ha! I can't imagine my life without Toppa, she's been there from the beginning of my memory and while I don't email, call, or chat with her as much as I want to, I consider her in the highest levels of best-friend-ness. I admire her guts and grit, and want more than the best for her in everything. Toppa is so practical and capable, I admire those qualities in her as well. She's amazing.

Now for the little Goopa. Awwwwww! So what if the little Goopa is 25 years old? So what if she's married and has lived on her own since she was 18? She's still the little Goopa! If I have to be little Sissy... She can be little Goopa. Even though she's taller, blonder, and more blue-eyed than I will ever be. People instantly guess Toppa and I to be sisters, not so with Goopa. She is absolutely beautiful in that Hollywood glamour sort of way. When she and I stand together, I look swarthy! Me! She looks like one of those Nordic ice princesses that women bleach and cut themselves into. Since I was almost 15 when she was born, I remember THE exact moment I first saw her. She was a little tiny thing, and talked to us all while the nurse held her up after the measuring and weigh-in. We were all stunned that she cooed so early. Every since then, she's been the same brilliant and beautiful person now as she was the day she was born. Goopa is sweet and charming, yet has a side to her a person doesn't want to mess with. Seems there's some tart to her sweet. Her vast number of talents and abilities amaze, but don't surprise me. I knew from the beginning that she'd be a fabulously witty, smart, and charming person. It's still tough not to love on her like she's still a little child, Goopa is so loveable. She's another one of my relatives who are also my best-friends. Yeah, my sisters and I talk to other people in our lives far more than we talk to each other. But when chips are down, I'm the first person they can call for help and vice versa.

I'm a very fortunate person to have such great sisters in my life. If I contacted and gushed about them as often as I think about them, they'd be saying "Get a job already!" LOL!

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