Monday, March 03, 2003

I feel much better today. Blame it on the hormones.

Can you believe? Child and I did Blank's Kickology last night, then PM Yoga. It's tougher than the AM, or at least, I'm not as used to it, so I'm a bit sore today.

While driving around all over town Saturday (teaching, child, visiting sister, German restaurant and movies) my check engine line kept coming on and off, so I'm afoot today. I 'could' go to the gym at night instead of my usual 10-2 mid-day time. It'll have to be after 8, after dinner and digestion.

Not happy about the child-sized sweater for my brother in law. Have the new one started and will give the prior one to Small Fry.

Patrick Stewart is on SNL. Makes being a working at home Mom fabulous. :D

Found a happiness journal/5 steps to happiness that I'm going to take a look at. True happiness comes from within, I just seem to have misplaced mine. :)

The beloved list. I need to print a new one and this time stick to it. Last week, I had to run all over getting read for a class that I got nothing else done. Prepared nearly 45 kits, sold 3. :P Tomorrow is another class, though. :D

Know what really helps me with my goals? Watching Cops and Animal Precinct (sp???). I don't want to be those people.

Haven't lost too much weight. At 165 today, which isn't too bad considering I started the year at 170. Still, though, 2.5 lbs a month? A lot of the weight lost journals have their people losing 10 times that much in a month. I guess if it goes slow, it'll come back on slow. :P It's tough not see any progress, but you know, even though I have temptations and sometimes cheat, it's never a bad cheat. Even on cheat days, I eat less than I did before the diet. Plus, my stomach just can't hold as much. Buffets are becoming a waste of money because I can't eat more than a plateful. ;P

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