Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm bored and don't WANT to clean my room.

Is it time for PMS already? I'm bored and don't want to do anything one minute, and want to do everything the next. There's a pond to finish, a secret project that's getting close to done, pets to play with, a house to clean and spiff up, books to read and write, and walls and pictures to paint.

I'm also wanting a new digital camera, one that works with my current Pentax's Tamron lenses. While loitering in Barnes and Noble on the birthday, I tried reading the latest photography magazines. They looked like English, but read like Greek. There was one article in Outdoor Photographer about landscape photographers and their preference for film based camera. Finally, something familiar. Still, I want the digital.

Me, and my birthday cake. Can't see the number, can you? Ha ha haaa!

It has to be PMS. I've been wondering, do I deserve a digital SLR when I have the camera phone? No one's paying me to take pictures. This is that week where I think any talent I have is the talent for procrastination and general laziness. And eating. I'm fantastic at that.

My friend, Chelle, has been going through something similar mentally to what I'm thinking but not blogging. The midlife weight, the am I doing all I can, and what was it I was supposed to be doing, anyway type questions. Me, too.
Except for the weight. I weigh more. Woo hoo! I win, I win!

Um, wait. That's not winning, is it. <- Yes, a statement, not a question.As you can see, here, I've been reading every diet book, trying to figure out why I keep gaining.

Last, and most important: Today is the Toppa's birthday AND my parents' anniversary. Two for the price of one, hm? The Toppa's big 40, or yet another 29th, birthday party is on Friday. We're all going to party down then. Toppa is an amazing person. She's been through things guaranteed to make a person crazy and still is a sunny girl. She's also one of those who is the center of social information and is 'in' on every trend. Athletic, energetic, and direct, Toppa is amazing because she's often the exact opposite of me. Although, there is one thing she and a lot of my family members share, including me and the Fry. If we're dancing on a table wearing the lampshade, it's for the laughs and never because we're drunk. Ever. Who needs to drink to be silly? Not us!

Second part of the last: My parents' anniversary. I can NOT imagine being married to someone for 44 years. The very thought of being committed to one person for that long makes me shudder. But then, that's more than my whole life so far. Maybe when I'm in my early sixties... Naw. If I'd stayed in the first marriage, it'd have been 22 years. Yechhh. Thankfully, my parents did it right the first time and married the love of their life. Their marriage has been a great example to see. Never perfect, but always full of love. Which is how I think it should be.

For my parents, since they're the only ones still reading this drivel... Here's the baby, her beautiful face covered by those ugly glasses. She LOVES those glasses, and has taken my favorite mock turtleneck shirt. It's black, shortsleeved, and she looks like one of those coffee house poets. So brainy! Fry has also commandered another of my mock turtlenecks, a grey one. I'd be upset if she didn't look so darn cute in them.


ChelleC said...

Glad to finally get a blog update! Yeah, you look so pretty with your cake. Fry girl really DOES look like a coffeehouse poet with those new glasses of hers. We'll conquer the mid-life weight thing. I swear we will.

Susan said...

Love the new Fry look! Is she reading Kerouac yet? LOL I'm old and I can't quite remember how to spell his name but I do remember reading him.

I think you deserve the digital camera. After all, you serve as a role model and need all the best. Right? I thought so!

I'm glad to be past that stage where you wonder all that stuff. I'm old. I'm just happy that I wake up in the morning and get to the bathroom in time! Love it too!

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