Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Woo hooo!!! 160!! I've been here at 160 for a couple of days, but what with PMS, it's sure to drop in a week's time. :D Me very happy starvation paid off.

I've been keeping it low in the calories lately, at least below 1500 a day no matter what the workout. ;) It works.

Here is part of my calories and weight:
Dates Cals Weight Body fat lbs lost You ate enough to weigh this:
6/1/03 1153 164.5 5.5 105
6/2/03 1522 165 34.5 5 138
6/3/03 1483 163 7 135
6/4/03 2000 162 8 182
6/5/03 1100 163 7 100
6/6/03 2000 164 6 182
6/7/03 2000 165 5 182
6/8/03 2000 166 4 182
6/9/03 2000 166 4 182
6/10/03 1500 167 3 136
6/11/03 1014 164 34.5 6 92
6/12/03 1367 165 5 124
6/13/03 1180 165 5 107
6/14/03 1590 162 8 145
6/15/03 1840 162 34.5 8 167
6/16/03 1585 163 7 144
6/17/03 1080 162 34.3 8 98
6/18/03 1370 163 7 125
6/19/03 1540 160 34 10 140
6/20/03 1450 160 34.2 10 132
6/21/03 1810 161 34 9 165
6/22/03 1500 160 10 136
6/23/03 1560 160 10 142
6/24/03 1395 160 10 127

At this rate, I don't think I'll ever be Calista or Lara, but heck, I'll settle for NOT being Moby or Shamu.

Anyway, since I haven't updated in ages, I'll let you in on what's going on:

Friend is still paying back money owed.

Piano tuned and keys don't stick anymore. Very good.

We have a new DVD player in the bedroom and the movies are fun.

Brake light on car came on but with a bit of fluid, went back off. It freaked me out because I'm still having nightmares from when my brakes failed and I wrecked my car 20 years ago(!)

Doing very well on the housecleaning via The List and sticking to most of it.

I do tend to drop stuff and not work out when I either have a headache or a cold. Now, it's a cold and I'm praying the headache doesn't start tomorrow, because it's due.

Child and I have been swimming some afternoons. Husband has been Army duties this month but made time to give me 9 pink roses, one for each year we'd been married. He's such a catch, I adore him.

Started cleaning up my yarn room and realized I have way too much yarn. Gads! A major goal is to knit a sweater a day on the Bond knitting machine. I'm still working on my Dad's fish socks.

Downloaded tons of The Sims objects I'm finding in various places.

There's a ton of stuff I need to do, design my work website, finish a screenplay treatment and develop a few more ideas, get ready for the neighborhood garage sale (not gonna happen, sorry). Etc.

Not only are my child's dresser drawers done, but my bookcase for the vast fields of yarn stored in my basement office has been assembled. Tres cool and tres filled already.

We had the carpets professionally cleaned, cost a fortune but worth it. We need to have the air ducts cleaned since when I tried to vacuum up dust out of one of them, I retrieved huge chunks of wood. (huge meaning at least 2 square inches)

Here's my list to do for tomorrow:

„R Wash dishes, counter, microwave
„R Make beds, Pick up clothes
„R 80 oz water
„R Yoga and Gym
„R Clean oven, stove hood, and freezer
„R Replace vacuum bag and air filter
„R Organize one thing in home (today it was papers I tend to stack around, I don't know what tomorrow)
„R Fix broken window bars (only one window left to fix)
„R Clean out garage
„R Basement AKA hellhole
„R Sweep garage
„R Sweep and clean outside
„R Clean closets ∆ín
„R Swim for 30 mins
„R Knit
„R Write
„R Face and teeth (wear the freakin' retainers!!!)
„R Take up a new exercise.
„R Find a new way to be more productive.
„R Write down goals for life

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