Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Hi there! Still not doing the sweater a day, nor have I finished the treatment, yet, but as for everything else, I'm doing ok. The house is cluttered still, but clean, child and I have been swimming every day, and I've been sticking to my latest diet since Monday. Not a world record, I know, but good for me.

Let's see... anything scandalous or exciting? Not really. Went to Ft. Leavenworth last weekend and spent the night in a really nice suite thanks to husband being a Major in the Army. He's a reservist, so I'll forget how rank works sometimes. Whenever he goes on base or post, the enlisted guards salute him and I think that's so cool. I really admire and love the guy, and don't believe him for one second when he says he's average.

I'm scoping out some beautiful 'day in the life' entries over at Wordgoddess. Wow. Very inspiring. I really must do more with my life. I think tomorrow I'll put a day in the life in here since it's already 9am here and I want to get some things done.

Before I go, here's the stats:
Date Cals In Curr #'s %fat #'s Lost See below Basal
6/26/03 1384 164 6 126 1749
6/27/03 1690 163 7 154 1769
6/28/03 2450 164 6 223 1855
6/29/03 1184 164 34.4 6 108 1729
6/30/03 1179 165 5 107 1738
7/1/03 1126 160 34 10 102 1684
7/2/03 947 160 10 86 1666

On the see below: This is what I would weigh if I ate like that every day. If every day I had no more or less than 1126 calories, I'd weigh 102. It's good to see that even if I eat 1690, way over goal, it's still less than what I'd need to maintain 160, where I'm currently at.

Things to do today:
The tasks for today, 7-2.

Make beds, Pick up clothes
Yoga and Gym
Swim with child
Dust furniture
80 oz water
Vacuum chairs and room edges
Wash dishes, counter, microwave
Organize one thing in home
Hook up digital camera
Sweep and clean outside
Call Steph
Spend time with children or spouse or family member or good friend.
Read positive affirmations twice today.
Write down goals for life
Face and teeth

These are things for later as I can get to them:
The water main down in the basement
Clean out garage
Sweep garage
Flexible gas connectors
Ground-fault circuit interrupters
Clean freezer
Clean closets
Smoky chimney

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