Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I should be working out right now.

Gilad is on Fit TV and I'm blogging and reading knit blogs, instead. Doesn't matter, I'll run the 4 miles required for marathon training today.

Neighbors are having roof work done and the conveyor belt squeeks like a deaf mouse. I hate high pitched noises and want to beat the workers with a can of WD40 while screaming "Do you NOT hear the noise? FIX IT."

Yep, premenstral. I hate to be a cliche', but sometimes, the stereotypes are true.

Weight: I'm afraid to weigh after the debauchery of the weekend. I'll do it on the official day, Friday.

Yarn: Working on a lovely Red Heart Light and Lofty blanket for the Fry. She loves it, it's a wave pattern on size 16s. Wonderfully washable, warm, and blends in with her room decor. I'm not one for really garish colors. No orange paired with purple, no lime green unless it's in a yellow/orange/lime citrus motif. I'm looking forward to finishing up the blanket, if only because I've been practicing American style knitting and have gotten good at it. Plus, I'm a lot faster with it and look forward to Continental style, which is even faster than that. :D Yay!

Plans for today: Cleaning house, playing with Frybaby, and Royals baseball game tonight. They're playing the Yankees. Forced sitting means happy knitting.

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