Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jeeze, did I die or something????

Ok, 2004 was almost perfect, other than Hubby was in Kuwait. While he was gone, I had these wonderful routines that I adhered to like a booger on a kleenex. Once he came back, they all went out the window. I blame the shuffling of responsibilities of his homecoming. He needs to feel useful and needed without becoming the pack horse of the family. Tough balancing act, indeed.

Rant of the day: LOOSE and LOSE are two different words with two different meanings. If you're (NOT YOUR) too ignorant to know the difference, STOP POSTING IN MESSAGE FORUMS. Don't be a dumbass, ok?


Let's see. What was done in 2004? Painted upstairs and most of downstairs, redid the ponds' and stream's liner, kept the lawn mowed much better than now, woke up at 4:30am every morning as a 'kiss my honky ass' to those better-than-thous who say "I get to work at 6am, so I'm much better than you ever will be." But I'm not bitter. I really should have kept up the blog better, then I could look and see that I did get a lot more done than I'm giving myself credit for.

I'm rather sick today, just a little fever with a headache. Makes me double sleepy. I'm going to update my template a little, allow comments (oh joy), then post another entry later. There's knitting classes and projects, marathon training, and goals for my 40th year of life.

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