Monday, February 07, 2005

Religion and Politics Suck Eggs

Good Lord, it's been over a year and no one noticed I was gone?

Another year older, another year crankier. I could understand the nation stupidly voting for Baby Bush the first time. Another cool father-son team and all that. But after he managed to get us into a war where the average age of those killed is 25? In a war begun under false pretenses? Oh yeah, THOSE wmds. Der! Forgot about them.... Ooopsie. Never mind that one radical guy...remember something about that collapsing buildings thing in New York? Gosh, now WHO was that guy who masterminded that? Oh well, as long as we make money from oil and liquidating Social Security, who gives a rat's ass??

I warned you. Crankier. I've found that everyone who's for Bush either was told to vote for him by their Church, OR are too chicken poop to have actually signed up to go over and fight in the 'holy' war. Let's use our guns on animals only, since, of course, they can't and don't shoot back. Heaven forbid someone who actually is IN the NRA or GOP signs up for the service or gets their own children to. Gee, THAT'S dangerous. Better to let someone else die. Who cares about the casualties as long as you don't know them, right?

Before you get all wrapped around the axil, my husband was deployed. Yes, I've actually had to worry about someone close to me never coming home because Bush and his friends need more wealth. It wasn't ok for Iraq to take over Kuwait for their oil, but it's ok for us to take over Iraq for theirs. Um, right. Currently, my brother in law is over there, being mortared. It's scary, getting an email from a spouse and not knowing if it's the last you'll ever hear from them.

The people who support the war, think we did the right thing and say they support the troops are often the same people who slap a yellow magnet on their car and think that's enough. Some of those guys sent over, most, actually, are reservists who make much more money in the civilian world. THEIR wives and husbands can't afford now to send them any sort of a care package, so, they get nothing. Hey, Bush supporters got their tax increase, right? I don't think that increase will be enough to bury the dead soldier or be enough to support the maimed soldier's family once they return.

I just hate it that those who want to keep their guns don't have the balls to put their money where their over-used mouths are and enlist. You support the war? Prove it. Enlist. Get your children to enlist if you think this war is worth it. My husband signed up to defend our country, NOT to force other nations into our form of government. Enforcing freedom sometimes means letting others be free enough to choose their own way of life. I'm thinking that probably the Iraqis who didn't want to live under Saddam's reign, probably moved elsewhere. He's a bad man who did terrible things, but then, there's been a lot of them in the world and we either ignored them or gave them money because they killed their own people but supported our position at the time.

In the "Good Christian files: On the Today show, there were wives talking about how they'd cheated on their husbands. One wife, wearing a big honkin' cross, shared with the nation how she cheated. Um, yeah. You're a 'good' Christian? If that were me, I don't think I'd be bringing down my religion by advertising that I'm an adultering, hypocritical Christian. "Whoo hoo! Look at me! I cheated on my husband but that's ok, because I'm a CHRISTIAN. I can do anything as long as I go to church every Sunday. I'm so much better than you!"

Christ said "He who looks at another woman with lust in his eyes has already commited adultry." We'll assume that men and women being almost equal, that the 'Christian' chick blew out one of the commandments. You can't say, oh, goofing THAT one up is ok, then turn right around and say, but murder is bad. Christians aren't supposed to allow the wiggle room in that, you know. That's why Catholics aren't 'real' Christians, even though Peter and Paul (two of Jesus's disciples, remember?) started the Catholic church. If the Bible says it, you MUST believe it. Unless, of course, it's in the Old Testament because Jesus changed all that. Or so I've been told by the 'true' Christans. I'm Catholic, so every Christan belonging to the churches after the Catholic one is certain I'm hell-bound.

Me, personally, with all sarcasm aside, we should have had a lot more world consensus on the war. They're UNITED Nations for a reason, not a cool club to belong to unless they tell us no. The least we could have done was listen to why they thought the idea was crap. I personally also don't believe that anyone can truly say they have the answers to God, the Universe, and everything, unless they've actually been dead. Sorry, but unless that happens, I can't believe you're 100% correct about the whole messiah thing. For every Jesus, there's been a billion Koreshs. What if Koresh had been Jesus come back and the ATF wiped him out? Sheesh! About politics, Republicans steal it from you, then the Democrats give it away. Neither side is 100% right, neither is 100% wrong. Something about being in the middle, moderation, maybe....THAT is good, I'm thinking. Ooo, common sense, thinking about things instead of blinding following the rhetoric of the that's not something you see every day.

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