Friday, November 21, 2003

Did I write anything yesterday??? Gads! That infantile senility is the pits. Icky news first, Hubby is going to Kuwait proper on Saturday. The good thing about it is the 365 countdown starts on Sunday or Monday, whenever he reports in.

So tired! Last night, I stayed up until 1:30am, woke up the child, then we parked in a dark place and watched the meteor shower. Very cool and the kid really had fun. Of course we took the converible and cranked up the heater once the top was down. We saw about 15 in the hour we were there. The event wasn't as much as I'd hoped, but was a good chance to point out a few constellations to the small fry.

Had the Jeep's door fixed again. He didn't charge me, thank goodness. Nor did we get to talk about hubby's old ways. Good thing, because the weight was up to 155 today. Probably due to the Diet Pepsi I scarfed down last night. I don't know how true addicts kick drugs, I can't even kick soda.

There's more, I know, but I'm so sleepy, tired, and want to work on a commissioned afghan before bedtime. Looking forward to tomorrow's workout, so hoping a migraine doesn't hit because one is due. Also, I had a bit of a headache at the American Legion meeting tonight.

Also had a bit of Sonic food and thought I'd blown the whole day's work, but didn't. I even have enough left to have a snack! Yay because I'm feral hungry right now. There's tons of food here, a lot of leftovers from the past two days CK foods. Plus, grapes and oranges. Yum. I'll have to see what 325 calories will buy me around here.

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