Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I miss him.

Hubby deployed today. It's only been one day, and already I'm counting down the 365 days his orders were cut for, plus the 2-3 weeks he'll be stateside getting weapons qualified. He's much more worried about his abilities than I am. He's freakin' amazing. Super efficient, super organized, just fantastic. The crazy thing is, he thinks just as much of me. Worships me like I worship him. Why? I don't know. I think I'm not worthy, hence the 'Perfection' blog of me trying to be a better person.

I did cry a lot (for me) at the airport. Already miss his skin and the warmth of his body. Got to hear his voice today when he called. Wonderful. :) Sometimes, I listen to his voice on his cell phone answering machine, just to hear it. I like how I sound when I'm leaving him a message. I recognize the sweetness in my voice as sincere love, since I sound like my sisters.

Talked to mom today and am SO HOPING they can come up for Christmas. I'd like a reason to decorate the house and am thinking about getting a webcam just so Hubby can see in on us. :) I think his birthday on Wednesday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be a wash, if only because we won't know where exactly to send gifts and turkey jerky. :D I should get his food dehydrator and whip up some dehydrated turkey, stuffing, and cranberries. }:D

We had seafood tonight, the Long John Silvers crabcakes were killing me. I ate all my dinner, which was too much. Actually, I don't like eating fast food or even eating out because I can't control the ingredients and food quality. The child and I had a treat tonight, but tomorrow, it's back to food as usual.

I'd like to resume this perfection thing, if only because I have 364+2-3 weeks to whip myself into shape. Both Hubby and I want to train for the German Army PT Test. At this point, I'd just like to pass the US Army PT test. My immediate goal is to run 2 miles in 18 minutes, a 9 minute mile. I can run 2 miles, but it's in 20-30 minutes. (how fast did I run that again??? can't remember) Also need to do 40 pushups in 2 minutes and 40 sit ups in 2 minutes. Pushups are improving, but the situps are a no-go due to lower back pain. I can, however, do 3 sets of 60 crunches. Hey, it's a baseline. :) Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym to get the stats on where I'm starting, then programming out goals from there. :)

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