Thursday, November 20, 2003

I wanted to run today, really, I did. But after Monday's run, there's not a jogging bra tight enough to make me feel secure. Talk about pain! Monday's run was painful, sure, but I thought "Endure, endure," the whole time. Tenderness is all part of the PMS joy that is mine. Bleh.

So instead, I 'took the stairs'. Stairclimber at resistance 8 for 30 minutes. Had to bump it down for 10 minutes to 6-7 minutes due to the high heart rate. I'm thinking it was because I'd skipped breakfast and workout time was 11:00pm. Lack of water, too. I'd had two cups of coffee and nothing else. The cool thing is, I benched 90lbs for 15 reps. :D I'd wanted to do another 5, but could only manage 3 more. The bicep curls and tricep extensions were harsh, too. I'd enter in the reps and everything in the My Exercise thing, but it doesn't allow for weight. 3X5 isn't nearly as impressive at 5lbs as it is at 50lbs.

I'm an extremely lucky person. Yesterday, the child and I were invited to two different Christmas parties, one with the Army Reserve, the other with Hubby's co-workers. Plus, I'd been asked a week ago if I'd help with V's school's holiday shop. It's so cute, all the kids come in with money to buy gifts for family members. As a volunteer, I'd help the kids keep to their budget, and help them pick the best gifts. I think this year, since we're doing so well financially (relatively speaking and without lottery winnings), I'm bringing a few extra bucks just in case the kindergarteners aren't prepaired. They usually aren't, and that's fine. By the first grade, they know what's up. :)

Another reason why I'm lucky is that the people at the library loved my class and think I'm good. That'll help with the future knitting classes. The more people that sign up, the more classes we will need and the more work I have. :) I'm hoping something I said was taken the right way...One of the students had a really tough time learning and I had a tough time teaching. I'd told her that it's like Algebra, sometimes it takes a different way of teaching for the lesson to be learned. Thankfully, the lady had a tough time with Algebra herself and knew what I was talking about.

Haven't heard from my guy today, but expected that. He said they'd be running around this week. They're to possibly ship over the 24th (I may have written this before). I bought an extra can of cranberry jelly. Isn't that funny, how I have all these homemade cranberry relish recipes and he'd rather have the Ocean Spray canned stuff? Same with TV dinners. My family comes over wanting gourmet food and he'd rather have TV dinners. They don't expect gourmet, but will scarf it down and lick the plates. :) Not bad, considering how I held the title of Worst Cook in the Family for decades.

Leonid meteor shower tonight!! I've promised to wake up the child to see shooting stars. We'll have to find somewhere unpolluted with light. Where, I don't know. Plus, if you could tune in at 67.5 Mgz, you could 'hear' them.

Must clean house, do dishes, all that. After working out, plus the class, I'm pooped. We did a bit of grocery shopping tonight, too. I absolutely hate it when people don't pay attention to where their carts go. If one more person nearly hits or hits my child with those things, I'm going postal on them. Seriously. She's a child, they're adults. If they can't watch what they're doing, they have no business being allowed in public. She shouldn't have to live in fear of getting slammed by one of them, she should be the one running amok. The kid is such a joy, is so well mannered, that for people to be so careless around her ticks me off to no end. I'd like to throttle them. >:|

Ok, back to happy. Especially since I'll be reading the Adventures of Super Diaper Baby. When I was last at the School's library, I checked out 4 kid books for fun. One of my guilty pleasures is reading kid's books. Besides, how could a person resist reading "The Chicken Gave it to Me"?

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