Saturday, November 15, 2003

Oh Lordy. I've turned back into a teenager...OMG! He, like, SO called!!! Isn't THAT a hoot from a coot? :D

(coot = old person for you non-southerners)

I love watching the British House of Commons on CSPAN. Always feel like yelling "Fight, fight, fight!"

So anyway, hubby is fine, lonely, spending at Walmart. :D So cute. The little ole gal driving them (he and the Master Sargent) around is 20 yrs old. I LOLed because I have jeans in my closet older than her. Seriously. It's a goal of mine to wear them before my 40th birthday.

The little ole gal was born in '83, the year I graduated so, yeah, I'm old enough to be her mother.

Sigh. I forget that I'm that old. Here I go, bee bopping through life, and something will remind me that I'm nearing 40. I'll think, "No way!", then of course, "Way!" because I AM that old. :D

Ok, I'm hubby-less and child-less on a Saturday night and what thrills do I seek? Well, as I was driving home with new yarn store yarn, a large diet soda and burger from Wendy's, and a batch of borrowed DVD's, I'd realized that my life has become a lot less beer and guy soaked in the past 10-11 years. Heh heh. That's good, though. The only thing worse than being 38 and acting 28 is being 38 and acting 18. At some point you have to put self-destructive behavior behind you and begin damage control.

Speaking of which, I did ask for the small fries, but since I'd wanted the biggie diet soda, I got the biggie fries. There's no way I'm throwing away food unless it's evolving into a lab experiment. That's why I'd asked for small specifically. The Wendy's down the road ALWAYS screws it up. Mc D's isn't much better and Wendy's is tastier anyway.

Exercise today was cleaning house. Putting away laundry requires going up and down stairs, so that counts for something. My weight today was a shocking 152. Shocking after a couple of 157's last week. I'm getting to where I do care about weight, but more about muscle and getting trimmed.

Food is still a struggle. I'm going to have to work on it more...

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