Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm not mad, really, just frustrated.

Somehow, Lucky is able to get out of his sweater. In the interest of making it comfy, it's too loose. Arg. I'll have to add another few inches to the collar after all to keep it on him. We went for a very short walk this morning in 1F temperatures. Yikes! He needs that sweater on a day like today. At least the temperatures will get up in the mid twenties. Lately, that's not too bad. We're having a heat wave forcasted for Saturday/Sunday. 46 and 53F, barely jacket weather.

There were good intentions in keeping to the Stash Burn 2008. Use what you have and stop buying yarn. Baby sister, Goopa, has requested something knitted and in a particular color I don't seem to have. Again, arg. Don't I have enough of every color for something? Yes, sort of. Enough color, but not in the same kind of yarn. So, I had to order more. Sure, this could be a cop out, but not really. All the pinks I had were either too pink, too bulky, or too acrylic. Blech.
I chose Berroco's Love It! because I really do love this yarn. It's fun to knit up, and I might as well confess...

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Love It! Colors has new colors available. None of the websites, not even Berroco's, has them knitted up to see how the colors pool. I had to get a ball of each new color, plus the others I'd never used.

Fry keeps trying to claim Goopa's present. Silly kid. I'm already working on her cardigan. After all the mania of Christmas knitting, I don't know where to start on the project list. I have a huge list of items to do on my Ravelry page, and they all look like fun. In the interested of knitting down the yarn collection, I took out the items that required new yarn. There's so many cool things to knit up, I'm looking forward to the 2008 knits.


Susan said...

I think I'm confused. (not that unusual, of course) The Love It looks like yarn but that other pic has sparkly something. Or wet. Or am I having a hallucination?

Laura said...

Howdy, ma'am!

The other pic is Trendsetter's Dune. I LOVE the yarn, but hate the mohair of it. It does look wet, now that you mention it. As for hallucinations... only your chemist knows for sure. ;)

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