Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cue the retarded joke:

Why, I haven't seen you since last year!

I know. You were warned.

So anyway, what have I been doing? A lot, but nothing involving sex and violence, thus, nothing blogworthy.

For someone resolving to use the yarn stash AND exercising on a daily basis, I've also done neither. Over the past couple of weeks, I've also been thinking about the title of the blog. Aren't I supposed to be in pursuit of something? Something unobtainable, but still a decent goal, anyway? Whatever could that be?

For the locals, Knitcraft has Tahki Classic Cotton on sale for $2.35. I bought enough to make that lovely cardigan in No Sheep For You, in colors matching Fry's Crazy Socks.

That, with the order for more of the Crazy Sock yarn from the Studio should lead to fun knitting later. There's quite a bit of Regia Stretch on sale, as still a bunch of Classic Elite's Galaxy. If you need a pattern for the Galaxy and the store is out, let me know. I might have a couple to slip you under the table.

This has been posted before, and bears repeating. Relpax is a miracle drug. Everyone sing, "If you had migraines like I have migraines, then you'd love Relpax, too!" If I've been odd in my communications in the past couple of days, blame the migraines and meds. Even in the knitting, I'm doing odd things. Thinking I've followed the pattern exactly, I still goof up the second sleeve on Fry's latest sweater. Overknit by at least six inches. In normal yarn, this would be ok. With boucle, it's a royal pain to unknit. Gah. This thing is a cuff away from being freakin' done, and yet, NOT! I've not had the patience to unknit today. Plus, I won't have the time tonight, with a Knit a Scarf for Teens class at the Red Bridge Branch. There's also a new My Name is Earl, of COURSE, since I'm teaching tonight.

Now cue up the 'heaven forbid I teach on a night with the stupid-ass game show night on NBC' whine. I loathe One in a Million and the hideous Deal or No Deal garbage. Loathe just as much as the heavily scripted and edited 'reality' shows. There are exceptions to the loathing, of course. I like The Biggest Loser, especially after they lose most of the weight and stop that stupid crying all the time. The transformations are wonderful.

Then, of course, is Cops. I love Cops, especially the dumb domestic disputes when both are equally at fault. The other disputes are just sad, but the stupid ones are a riot.

More on the resolution thing, watching what I ate and reducing was great up until PMS. For that one week, nothing carb-related is safe. It also happens that week was the same as Girl Scout Cookie week. I'd ordered them in a 'strong' moment, received boatloads of boxes in a huge weak moment. Ah well, the family around here helped, and I sent some to work with the Husband. Who didn't share. Ha! When our bed's legs buckle and crash us to the floor, at least it won't be only my fault.

There should be pictures, I'll have to look and find some for later. :)

Disclaimer for this post: All text and lame jokes written by me, a non-WGA member. Pictures are by others, and those others hold the copyrights and full credit.

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A. said...

If you still have patterns using Classic Elite Galaxy, I'd love to hear about them! I found several balls on remainder, and haven't yet knitted up eyelash/combo yarn.

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