Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sorry!! Really!!!

Knitters who are on and have me as a friend, sorry! I've been adding like a fiend to my queue. I already had a queue of projects in Word, but spent this evening correlating the two. Some patterns were in Ravelry, some were not. These were the ones not in their database already:

The Cat’s Meow,Family Circle Easy Knitting Winter 2001
Summer Garden Throw, Knitting Digest July 2004
Tri-Finca leaf shawl, Knit N Style 8/07
Think Pink, Knit N Style 8/04
Summer Stole, Interweave Summer 2003
Splitz top, Knit N Style 8/05
Soft Cable Sweater, Ericka Wilson’s Knitting Book
Short Sleeved Sweater, Vogue Sp/Su 2001
Shaped Tee, Heartstrings pattern
Setesdal Stole, Two old bags
Run for the Roses, Knitting universe Spring 2006
Painted Desert, Knitting universe Summer 2005
Mini cable pullover, Heritage Fiber
Leaf pattern scarf, Magazine copy (what did I mean by this???)
Knitted Lace tablecloth, Better homes and Gardens Crocheting and Knitting
Irish Mist, Lavish Lace Book
Free and easy pieshaped shawl, Helen's Laces Ball band
Diamond Relief Shell, Knitting universe
Cancun Tee, Knit N Style 4/03
Cabled vest over tunic, Knit N Style 10/02
Bling bag, Simply Knitting December 2006
Autumn Throw, Lion brand website (I've made two of these already, our Moms have one each.)

Things are pretty quiet around here. Fry is staying with her Aunt Toppa for a few days. It's sorta nice, sorta not. We get to take her dog for his training tomorrow, which wouldn't be bad if she'd worked with him at all this week. She's a much nicer 'mommy' than I am. I make the little guy mind me, Fry lets him do as he pleases. That's ok, I pretty much let HER do as she pleases, too.

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ChelleC said...

Oh don't worry about it at all. In fact, I've been updating and adding to mine too!! I am also taking photos of my stash and inventorying that. Shesh! That's depressing, and sort of fun in a weird way. I don't have most of it logged into Ravelry yet, but am adding to the Flickr first.

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