Thursday, December 20, 2007

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is a novel.

The lions are Fry's favorite animal. She was not happy that I didn't bring her home one of these. All I'm saying is, I wasn't getting two of them.

Fry wanted me to check out her 'grill'.

Very nice that it's not permanent.

Oddly enough, these trees should be upright. This was during the ice storm a week or so ago, at the side of our house.

On the other side, this. I love that pathway.

We drove through a holiday lights display. It really was a holiday display, not a Christmas display renamed for the overly sensitive. Very nice and very sleet/rainy.

There was swimming during our Branson get a way...

A tour of the Titanic...

And browsing through the Bass Pro Shop. Fry tried out every ATV and tried to convince us every kid in suburbia had one. Riiiight.

We went to a craft mall, me thinking there might be yarn hanging around, but no. It was a mall of already made crafts. All I can say is, there's a lot of crafters in China. So much for American made craft, hm? Still, the quilts were lovely.

There was excitement once home, and not of the good kind. My younger sister, the ever-popular Toppa, had to be rushed to the hospital. After the heart and lungs checked out fine, the tenative conclusion is an allergic reaction. Sounds trivial unless you're allergic to stings or nuts. The throat closing off the air supply is never a good thing. She's out and being constantly visited by her friends. While the three of us left her hospital room to let her sleep (she only had 2-3 visiters while we were out), we visited the nearby Home Depot for our dream bathroom.

Some people thought the sink plungers were 'sweet'.

What else? Cookies! I've been baking this week, and there's lots of cookies around here. They all taste good, I've had to check every one for 'quality'. Good excuse to eat the sweets, right? Most of them are presents to everyone else. :)

Finally, our Christmas tree lights. There's a few presents under there, but none of the ones I've bought are wrapped, yet.


ChelleC said...

So glad Steph is all right. My goodness, that must have been a scary thing to have happen!

Looks like you had fun in Branson.

Susan said...

Oh dear!! Glad to hear that Toppa is better! And what a fun trip to Branson. Why can't Fry have an to match the grill. heh heh.

ChelleC said...

I called while you were making those delicious cookies. I hope we didn't gab so long that you burnt the batch.

Camie Vog said...

Merry Christmas!!

from the family Vog

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