Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cabin Fever

We've been hit with a major ice storm here. Really, it's minor, not enough to snap power lines, but enough to make driving around an adventure. I've been sending the Husband out on missions as little as possible. While the Advanced Dog training class went on as usual Saturday morning, by the noon hour we were socked in. So, no knit group, Sons of the American Revolution Christmas lunch, or Sons of the Union Christmas dinner, either. From the snow on Thursday, Fry's orchestra concert was cancelled that evening, too. I'd run around shopping on Thursday morning, and by the time I got back to the pickup, there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground already.

Look at how crisp and lovely that photo is. It was snapped with my Christmas present to me, a new Nokia 5300 phone. It's a camera, phone, and MP3 player all in one, just what I wanted. I spent the rest of Thursday and most of Friday loading my songs on it. Fry was not happy with me, she wants a cell phone, too. She'll just have to wait. We'll probably get her one next year, since we already have her cool present for this year.

On tap for tomorrow is a checkup for the Jeep and me slinking over to the Old Mill Stitchery to buy yarn. Like I need it, right? Still, one never knows what they'll have on sale. After that, I'm taking advantage of freedom to stop by the grocery store for canned goods. Fry won't eat vegetables unless they've been tinned. I've not started up the Christmas Cookie factory, yet. It'll happen, though. Fry and Hubs have been grousing about the lack of cookie around here, so I'll have to do something to hush them.

On the political front... Does it bother anyone else about Mike Huckabee spouting off about how Christian he is? He's now obtained the support of the Evangelicals. Everyone else in the running is a Christian, too. He's counting on all the flock blindly following whatever the preachers' leaders tell them to do. I just don't like his "I'm special because I'm a Christian" attitude. If he's special, then so is everyone else in the running. We have no other faiths in the race, they all came from the same root religion, Christianity.

So, to me, when they start talking about their particular religion, it ticks me off, because I'd rather hear what they'd do for the country.


ChelleC100 said...

Hear hear on the religion spouting!

Emily's play wasn't cancelled any of the three days this weekend. I was surprised. But the driving really wasn't too bad - the new storm coming in tonight sounds like a doozie though!

Carol said...

I am with you on the Huckabee thing. Here is something I ran across on Yahoo yesterday.

I would definitely run away from this candidate.

Susan said...

You still have power? Ours went out this afternoon but it was a transformer and/or that big power pole that broke off in the park. They got it fixed and we got power back. But by that time I'd already been sent home from work. Tons of folks not so lucky. I'm soon going to weigh a bazillion pounds. It seems I think I need to eat extra in case the power goes off for a long while. /off to waddle across the room.

Laura said...

Nice pictures on your own blog, Chelle.

Now I'm really hacked at him, Carol. Do Africans deserve to die from Ebola? No... can't say anything like that! Heaven forbid he admit prejustice against a major voting group. I suppose only certain groups are still acceptably discriminated against. He's an ass. Will probably be our next president, too.

Hi Susan! I've visited your blog and those lovely ice photos! There's no chance for you to work off the weight, either, since sliding is easier than walking around. :( Stay safe and warm!

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