Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update time!

Here's my husband's latest sweater.

He wants everyone to know, it's the sweater that has a tummy, not him. Really.

In the news... Not a lot going on around here. Someone got a new bike, someone else has been walking around the neighborhood with a pup, and still others have had dental work. I already had a new bike, and all of us have walked Lucky at one point or another, and poor Hubby is the one needing a new crown.

Funny Chelle, saying I've been spring cleaning for weeks and weeks, or what seems like. She's right, it does seem like weeks, but... Cable guys, bug spray guys, and Schwan's guys have all interrupted the 'fun'. Once the carpets have been steam cleanned, I'll call the spring cleaning 'done.

I'd show off knitting fun, but honestly, other than the sweater, everything's been going in slow motion. Is it because the biggest needle I'm using is a 1US? For the agriculturally savvy members, a 1US is almost as big as baling wire. There's a couple of stealth projects in the works, one a present, one I want to submit as a design. The present will be a hit, I know, while the submition, at worst, will be a new garment for a guy around here.

In the "Oh no you didn't" news, I've learned there's a big difference in what a body can do at age 17 and at nearly age 43. (Me? 43? Can't be true.) How do I know this? Well, when I was in high school, my mom and I used to do Jane Fonda's workout. This was on RCA's Laserdisk, obsolete before it came out, seriously. It's the original and the best. I want to buy the video, since the Laserdisk copy is very skippy, and then copy the video to DVD. Cool, huh? Maybe I'll go crazy an copy the skippy copy, if it'll come out ok. I've done tons of workouts in the past mumble-mumble years, and this is the only workout that continually kicks my butt. Literally. When I last did this, Sunday, I had to remind myself of the age difference in my young self versus the old self. The youngster weighed 115, now I'm up a bit from that.

I'll wait until the crowd stops snickering. Yeah yeah, I'm heavier but am a much better cook.

Oops! Thunderstorms, gotta go.


ChelleC said...

Love the sweater on Dirk. It looks nice on him. Very handsome - both him and the sweater.

You could seriously do a Jane Fonda workout? I need to stop just watching those workout videos and actually DO some. Errr.

Susan said...

Ohhhhh nice! I'm thinking that the sweater all by itself would be super, but ya know..those models do help :-)

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