Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not so miraculous after all...

Sigh. So it seems that a few cookies will cause a miracle while a pecan pie tart, several pieces of various pumpkin and apple pies, and dozens of reject cookies will reverse any sort of miracles. I honestly sweat sugar instead of salt. Not surprising considering the foods I've eaten lately.

So, color me at my heaviest but not biggest, thanks to jogging around the park. But, not to worry, by January 1st, I'll be back on track. Why then? Well, between making sure Christmas is taken care of, eating cookies and other fun foods, and getting a toothache fixed, my healthy goals aren't going to get much attention.

Not only that, but I'd really like to get to 60-70K (computerspeak for thousands) words on my novel. It's at 59606 at the moment. I've taken a bit of a break after November 25th, only writing a page or so a day. Ideally, I'd be done with it by April 1st, the start of Script Frenzy. A 100 page script in a month? Ha ha ha! Piece of cake! I have a lot more movie scripts written than I do novels for sure. I get emails from Inktip, which matches scripts with production companies. Using this, I'll let them give me ideas that a prodco might be interested in. Even if no one buys or likes it, the Frenzy will be a great writing exercise.

Speaking of exercise... I admit it. When I run, I'm a mouthbreather. Yes, the shame. Because my teeth are sensitive at the moment (Overdue for a scraping which involves FOUR shots in the gums), even breathing in 35F air is sharply painful. Shin splints? No big deal. Migraines? Enough Relpax and I run just fine. Currently 25F outside? Been there, run that. 20F and below hitting a sensitive tooth? No way in God's green Earth am I doing that. There's not enough Ibuprofen I could take to stop the hurt. Thus, I sucked it up and have an appointment for tomorrow. My dentist promised to use the baby needles on me.

In related fun news, I'm toying with the idea of signing up for a couple of runs. One is the annual Groundhog Run, which is 5-10K (ilometers) and is on January 26th or so this year. The other is in May through Oklahoma City's Bricktown. After KC's cloak of humidity in the spring, Oklahoma's air will feel crisp and refreshing, even in July. May won't be a problem. The goal, if I do the Groundhog Run, will be to finish. Bricktown's goal will be to jog the whole way without stopping, walking, or crying like a baby.

In knitting news, my friend Mary 'accidentally' dropped off her Hanne Falkenberg jacket in case someone 'accidentally' wanted to knit it. Since we upped our subscription to Netflix, the garter stitch will be perfect to do while catching up on our movies. Nothing is worse than having parents hipper than you on the movie circuit. I'm excited to work on a Falkenberg, just to say I have. There's a Drops pattern from Garnstudio that's very similar. I'm tempted to knock it out before starting Mary's, just to work out any bugs.

More knitting stuff... I'd like to wrap up some WIPs I have laying around. There's currently seven out there, one of them with a deadline of January 10. It's a scarf, no big deal, but still, they need finishing so I can justify starting new stuff.


ChelleC said...

Congrats on the exercise. You looked really fit when I saw you the other day. I've been dieting and exercising on my treadmill and I'm feeling much better for it.

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Oh please run in Bricktown. I could yell really loud and cheer you on! And I got your card and I love it. Now I can visualize you just writing/knitting/running along.

ChelleC said...

Please post again (unless you REALLY don't want to)

Slow and Steady Wins the Race