Saturday, January 25, 2003

I have decided I have a boring life.


Ok, well, the good news is, I made money off my knitting class. I know, big whoop, but still. Money is money. Especially if I earned it myself.

The perfect life still eludes me.

I shall use whitespace to make me more exciting. How about that?

No, seriously, I was doing good on 3 times a week workout until the snow. That and the car leaking slowed me down a bit, so probably tomorrow I'll go and then cancel the appt on Monday to meet with a trainer. It's $35 a session, which I don't mind so much, but dang, that'd buy a lot of yarn. :D I know. I'm obsessed.

With snow days and MLK day holidays, the Fry has been home and that throws my schedule off because 50% of the time is spent arguing about why she can't eat everything in the house or why she can't go get frostbite.

I have also discovered that I can not make the bed or wash the sheets if my husband leaves the bed only for food or potty breaks. It's his first day off in nineteen days, so he either spent it in bed or shoveling the walk. How's that for an opposite ends thing?

I did clean out the fridge yesterday. By that, I mean I even took out every shelf in the thing and scrubbed it down. None of this mamby pamby tossing of lab experiments. :D

Ok, the list.
I've been doing great on the 80oz of water, making beds, doing dishes, picking up clothes, and checking on the animals. The aerobics happen three times a week, sometimes, the yoga on days other than that. The food things have been fab these past three days. I've gotten serious about my diet, and am keeping the cal count to under 1100. I haven't lost anything substantial in the meantime, but then, it's been only three days. This goes along with perfection, because, if I were perfect, I'd weigh 100lbs even. Right now, I'm a bit above that at 167. I know. Lard butt. If I lost every ounce of fat on my body, I'd weigh 107. Yes, I want to lose muscle. I have frog legs and no, they're not fat.

I don't ever do the evening Yoga program. Plus, I often forget the face care (I'm 37, I HAVE to do this to keep wrinkles at bay) and the tooth care (retainers). I rarely ever write, but I do knit.

I've so got to get better about this, plus, I really must sit down and do my daily goals.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race