Saturday, January 25, 2003

While I'm thinking about it, here is tomorrow's list of to-dos.

Leftover from Saturday:
Wash Sheets

Sunday list
Morning Yoga
I don't do the lemon water any more. Got sick of it and have tried something new. Two teaspoons of cider vinegar in a large glass of water. I use my 33oz water bottle, now full of tap. I've lost my fetish about it, now it's just a treat.
Shower I know, but it's fun to cross it off the list and when I'm depressed I think why bother?
Breakfast-Coffee and two "biscuits". These are almond biscotti that total 150 cals.
80 oz of water
Dishes, Countertops, and Stove cleaning Not that I clean the stove inside, just the top and burners.
Make beds (hoping to get husband out of it long enough to wash sheets, at least. :P)
Pick up clothes
Write I don't know if I'm going to do this. I may not have the time....
Lunch-Ramen soup One pack is 360 cals. Not the best, but not the worst.
One Monthly Task-since I NEED to vacuum, I'll probably change the bag, then vacuum the rooms' edges and chairs.
Dinner-I don't know what I'll fix...If I allow a snack a fruit, I can have 400 cals for dinner.
Knit-I will probably do this. :D Plug in a movie upstairs, or watch the History Channel if something besides Teddy Roosevelt is on. I've seen it already. :P
Clean Pet Areas-Done already, I get to wait until next Sunday.
Put out Trash-Hopefully, the husband will do this since it's freaking freezing out there.
Sweep outside-No, since the snow covers everything. :P
Evening Yoga-I haven't done this since starting the list and I probably won't do it tomorrow.
Face and Teeth-Must do.

Extra task I loath to even think about.
The Washing Machine. It spun off balance for a while and knocked itself out of kilter. Now it leaks, so I have to pull it from the back, then level it. The utility room is cold and the washer is heavy so I really don't want to F with it. My husband has zero mechanical skills while people who review my mechanical aptitude tests assume I'm male because I score so well... So, I'll probably do the work. I already have a bruise from trying to feel around in the back to see where the leak originates. Sometimes, I just want to be the helpless female who has the man fix things for her. And really fixes them. :P

I'm looking forward to blogging tomorrow, just to report my progress.

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