Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'll miss her

My mom just left, and witch( I can't tell wich from witch.) she also said there is a guest blogger, Meeeeee! Since I don't know how upload pics there won't be any. I think all I'm going to do is to play on the computer and tortrue the big huge stain on the carpet(Claude) And I think I'm also going to watch cartoons in high def:) I hope that everone who is going to have fun and the people that aren't have fun to!! Last night when my dad and I took Lucky for a walk, Lucky grabbed the leash and showed me where to go:) My kid. Well I better go and do stuff.



ChelleC said...

Hello there Small Fry. Glad you filled in for your Mom. Good job! Aren't you glad to finally have her back home?

Susan said...

Hi Guest Blogger! Did you behave yourself while she was gone? Or did you and that adorable pup get into much mischief???

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