Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Verdict is in.

Fry loves Middle School. They keep her busy, but she loves it anyway. She has a different teacher for each subject and all her friends are in her group.

The windows guy was over today. Plus, Mary was in the Northland (near me) and I couldn't be corrupted into visiting Urban Arts. The guy didn't finish putting in the four windows until 2pm. It's just as well.

I spent the entire day doing yarn stash inventory. I'm about halfway done. My stash, I think, is way more than my life expectancy. Maybe, if I have the guts, I'll post a partial list or something. Right now, it's quite a bit, not including a lot of the acrylics.

Tomorrow? More of the same sort/inventory/store work. Especially since I got used to the living room and kitchen being clean. Right now, our landscape is very tribblesque.


Mary said...

My Tahki Ghost Print (Mahogany) is the color of those Tribbles! (And wasn't Jim Kirk a stud muffin!)

I was just wondering myself the other day if there wasn't a way for all of us to have a yarn swap (or shop the stash). I have a bunch of turquoise Aurora 8 (or Bulky--forget which) that I just had to have at the time but then decided I don't like the color. (That's the trouble with mail order. The color was as expected but when looking at an entire bag full of it, it just didn't call to me any more.) I also have two full bags (way more than I need) of Jaeger Aran (an ebay purchase from England) in a Forest Green color that wasn't available in the states.

Eveyone who participates would have to promise not to get hurt feelings if their acrylic goes unclaimed :)

Laura said...

I wanted to Photoshop a tiny picture of Claude in the tribble mass. I mean, he's fuzzy and round, fits right in. You betcha Jim Kirk was a stud muffin! I've always liked him, even if he's a good decade older than my parents.

If we can get everyone in group on the same page, that'd be great. Snickering about the acrylic, since I've a ton. I wouldn't claim it because there's no place to put it.

ChelleC said...

Glad she loves middle school. That is great.

Jen said...

Wow, you have a lot of brown in your stash, and I didn't realize how much you look like that guy on Star Trek, the old one that is.

Laura said...

Yeah, I'm sexy and have shorter hair in this photo. ::snicker::

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