Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Fry has favorites.

So, the child and I were sacking up some trash and talking about our days. I said, "I got to go to lunch with Janine today, even though I couldn't go yesterday with Mary." Fry blurted in a you doofus tone, "What?! You didn't go with Mary?" To which I replied, "No, couldn't because of the windows guy." "Ohhhh." Isn't that sweet? Fry really likes going to knit group. Not because of the knitting, but because of the ladies there. She likes the cooing they do when she's there. Fry is so sweet and polite as she filches money from my purse for various treats.

In other news, our house is fast becoming a beagle magnent. After lunch, I came home to see a beagle sniffing around the neighbor's fence. I leaped out of the pickup, opening the garage door in case I needed a doggie treat bribe, and headed out to get what I thought was our dog. Nope! I could tell right away, this wasn't Lucky, but another dog. She (a big clue right there) had a collar and tags. When I finally got a hold of her, there was no ID tag. Turns out, Her name is Cammie and she lives a few doors down. What's funny is, if you have a dog, people assume you like dogs. Ha ha ha! Usually, I don't care for dogs, but the beagles are starting to get to me. That, and if a dog is well behaved, I'll turn into a pushover for giving them treats.

Ice is good.

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Camie Vog said...

Hahahaaha! The dog's name is Cammie!

(I don't like dogs...Well, if they are owned by someone else, and don't bother me they are okay...I guess. Nah, I don't like dogs.)

Welcome back! Nice yarn porn, by the way.

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