Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What happened to me?

I'm still here, just goofing off or running around. First, the pictorial of what's been going on.

In the first photo, we're looking towards the almost new deck, with the waterfall in the foreground. Next, we see all the rocks from the waterfall stacked neatly in a rock wall. Third, more of a rock wall as more rocks were taken from further down the stream bed. Some of these hadn't been touched in the five years I've had this thing. There were no snakes, the spiders were too few to bother me, but the ant colonies! Yikes! I unearthed at least five. Why am I doing this? When I look down at the pond system and think of how much bigger I could dig it, a larger pond for fish is the first thought. Then, in the billion degree heat, I think I'm an idiot and to put back those rocks. It's cool how they stack up, isn't it? Hubs wants me to get more patio stones to place around the new pond, a walkway all the way around. I know he's thinking less mowing. Good idea, too.

By the time I'm done, my Mom will inherit a new liner for her two streams. The gal has four ponds, all with huge koi. I'd swipe a few of them for here, but I'm not sure if they'd be a snack for Lucky or not. I'd have to make a shelter for them, I think.

You would not believe the junk a family can pack in an eighteen by fourteen space. Especially when they don't need to. Not only that, but anything on the deck that could fall through the cracks, did. Snow, rain, dirt, all that. Yech. The nice thing is, the black stuff on the side of the house isn't really mold, it's black foundation paint. I hauled all the junk out, sorted it in useful/trash order, then let the husband do the bleach and swab thing. It's a role reversal for us. Usually I'm sanitizing after he's cleared stuff. By the time the second picture was taken, the sorting was done but not the swabbing. If there had been mold, there isn't now!

Here's the deck with the posts in place and a lot of the decking on. The under deck, what was supposed to keep the area below dry, has been removed. Lucky actually helped with that by jumping onto the underdeck, then falling through. Happily, this was early last week before the ratty patio table had been cleared out. He's fine. Fry was very upset, but I reassured her that he couldn't be too bad off, considering how he ran over to her and wanted to play. Since then, though, you can't get him near the edge. He'll sneak over and peer down, then scuttles away.

Finally, we have a trench. Hubs is digging this and is in charge of getting everything ready for Joe the Deck guy. Hubs is determined to hide the electric cords to the pump for some odd reason. Running over them with the lawn mower couldn't be too bad, could it?

Joe the Deck guy is really good at what he does. He picks out every board himself to make sure it's just so. He'd been done by now if not for us saying, "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" every so often. You'd think with me having to loiter around the house in case he needs a question answered, I'd have blogged since then. When I had a day off, I took the day completely off and got out of the house.

There's a lot more to blog, Santa-Cali-Gon, family outings with Lucky, Playstation 2 workout game, Fry's viola, swimming pool fun, Toppa's new pickup, knitting endless miles of the same two items to get them done before October, middle school, and knitting classes. Alas, the washer is done and I've got tons of laundry to do before I sleep.

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