Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday fun!

The deck is 99% done. Right now, Joe and Hubs is working on the underdecking. Hubs has this crazy idea that the lawn mower and other lawn care items should be dry and rust free. Weird, huh? At any rate, don't you think this BEGS for a party? I think so. Something Halloweeny, I think. (Weeny, ha ha ha!)

There has been some progress on the pond. The cold fronts and promise of rain has been disappointing. I'm waiting for the rain to loosen the clay that passes for soil around here. Then, the cold fronts should keep me from sluicing sweat while digging. When it's this humid, the sweat never freakin' dries. If I don't have to be in drenched clothes, I don't. After about 20 more wheelbarrow loads of dirt, I'll be able to put down the liner.

This pond is displacing a LOT of dirt. Where is it going? Filling in the holes a bored beagle digs. I fill them in, he redigs. It's ok for now, but I can see the little guy needs more exercise. He's the little white speck near his doghouse. Some people, like Frygirl, need to pick up the guy's toys so he can drag them out again.

The brown cardigan is alllmost finished. I'm working on the collar. After that, seaming up the sleeves and sides, then attaching buttons. Yay! I don't know what I'll work on next for sure, but can tell you it'll have COLORS.

A lot of mothers, probably every mother in the world, has a(n) exceptional child(ren). I am no exception. Yesterday evening, after we'd spent ourselves silly on Halloween candy, shoes, and other fun things, Fry surprised me. We were chatting on the way home and I told her, "I'd always had the feeling that I should have done or will do something great, something very important."

Fry replied, "You have, you've done a lot of great things."

"Yeah, personally, but I mean really great, really important." She and I both know I consider her to be one of THE greatest things I've ever done or will do. We also knew I meant something like writing a bestseller/blockbuster, discovering a new universe, or curing cancer. You know, the normal, small goals everyone has.

Then, my tiny child astounded me. "Mom, it doesn't have to be global to be great."

Wow, huh? Such wisdom from a 12 year old. The women in our family are like onions. We take the layers from our mothers and add our own.


Kay said...

That is an astounding bit of wisdom from anyone, let alone a 12-year-old. I think I will have to write it down in fancy calligraphy and post it somewhere that I will see it every day. Give Fry and extra hug from me!

ChelleC said...

Yeah, let's face it, your Fry child is a smart one.

Your outside deck, pond etc. is fantastic. You are creating a real retreat in your backyard.

Susan said...

out of the mouths of babes! Your not-so-small fry is one smart fry! And your deck is just fabulous.

Laura said...

Kay, Fry is turning into a pre-teen, which means she's hard to hug. Good thing I'm stronger and meaner, huh? That way, we all get our daily hug and kiss requirements. :)

Chelle, I can't wait until it's all done, especially the digging. I dug a little today and remember why I used to weightlift. It's tough!

Susan, thanks on all counts! You finally have an email from me, bum that I can be.

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