Monday, November 19, 2007

I said what?

Party at my house on Black Friday!

What was I thinking? My house was too much of a wreck to invite anyone but..., no, no one could be invited to this. It IS clean, under the clutter. At this point, I'm tossing it if I don't want to find a place for it. Probably what I should have done to begin with. The others here are scared. I'll carry around a large trash bag, telling them, "I don't mind cleaning up your stuff for you."

Ah, the NaNoWriMo. It'll have to RIP. There's no way I can get to 50,000 words by November 30th, but, I have a GREAT beginning to what's turning into a fun novel to write. If the past few days, today, and tomorrow had been freezing outside, there'd been a lot more written. It's too nice to stay indoors all the time.

The pond's been leaking from SOMEWHERE. I have no idea, but do have stuff to fuse the two liners together. In a perfect world, I'd have the liner glue on and cured, the rocks set in place, and the water running by now. Maybe I'll burn off some Thanksgiving calories on Thursday by hauling rocks. If I stick to the schedule, the house will be totally spiffed by then.

I finally bought the neatest wire basket-like shelves for the yarn room. It looks like a mini yarn store in there. Still a little messy, but another couple of hours and it'll be great. I sort of gave the spring cleaning a miss, so it'll be great to have the fall cleaning done.

Did I post that Mom's Christmas present is done? The baby sister's present is done now. One for my Mother-in-law, one for my younger sister, and maybe a couple of other knitted presents and I'm so done.


Carol said...

Hey..."don't have a cow man" about cleaning. We are not coming to do the white glove test. We are coming to knit and have fun...oh of course to eat.

ChelleC said...

Yeah, if you saw my house, believe me, you wouldn't worry about the clean. I hope to I get to come over, it will just depend on how much of my own stuff I get done before Friday afternoon.

Camie Vog said...

hey sock lady! Have any good patterns for baby cast socks? Poor Beanie is wearing her big brothers footies to keep her (smelly) toes warm!

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