Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Socktober Update!

Do I expect a lot of myself? Yes. Do I deliver? Oh heck no! Never!

For Socktober, I expected more than three pair of socks, for sure. At least the two socks below have their wearable mates. Could always be worse.

I'm thinking of changing my company name from QuickKnitted to Turtle Knits. Or maybe plain ole Molasses.

This week is shapping up to be a part two of last week. The cold I had last week is still hanging around. It's good, because there's been a lot of knitting on Mom's Christmas present. She reads this, so I can't post progress just yet. Ravelry users will be able to see, though. Hint, hint.

I'll get to feeling great, run around and do things, then tire myself out. Still, the pond has a new liner, it just needs the rocks around it. There'll be a picture as soon as I clean out some of the leaves. There are some very shallow parts, perfect for bog plants. It doesn't look as good when the water's not running. Putting all the rock back will help a lot.

There could be more in today's post. Lots of whining about doing the National Novel Written in a Month thing and how I'm too stoopid to write anything. I've started and have nearly 700 words! Ooooo! <-sarcasm

Maybe I'll just lay around the living room, cooped up with a tall glass of orange juice and a super large bowl of chicken noodle soup. Sounds fun, hm?

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Susan said...

I'm really, really sorry you're feeling bad, but staying at home with a glass of juice is rather nice sounding this week.

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