Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random update stuff.

I was goofing around in Walmart today and found an el-cheapo dog sweater in medium for our boy, Lucky. My thoughts were, as much as he tears up his stuffed toys, what would he do to apparel?

After I wrestled him into the sweater, and after everyone made over how cute he was in it, I think he loves it. Putting on and taking off is a struggle, but the results are worth it. Lucky doesn't even act like he's wearing anything. Now I feel comfortable in knitting something for him, knowing it won't end up in tatters after a few seconds.

The weekend.

Carol and I had such fun on Friday, cruising around to at least 5 yarn stores, then having lunch at The Bronx. We visited Florilegium, Urban Arts and Crafts, Stitch Knitch, The Studio, and Misknits. You'd think there'd be a lot of yarn brand overlap between these five, but there's not. It's great. Plus, Joann's had a ton of their yarns on sale for less than two dollars. 100% wool that was $7, even. I bought as much as I could push in a basket, and almost elbowed one gal that picked up one of my hanks o' yarn.

Saturday was the usual sit and knit. Fry came with me, and it's always fun to have alone time with her during the drive. She's a doll. A lot of people were there, Jen, Mary, Carol, Carla, Lorenia, and Sherry. There was tons of knitting done on the Goth socks for Fry, with me finishing them up today (Monday).

I'd wanted us to go corn mazing that evening, then hiking in Weston State park on Sunday. Instead, I caught a cold and didn't do much ring-leading. After laying around all day on Sunday, letting myself be sick, I hit the ground running today.

A dentist appointment for perio maintenance and a filling, shopping at Walmart (see beginning), then harsh housecleaning. Tomorrow will be in the mid seventies, perfect for finishing up my digging of the pond.


ChelleC said...

Sounds like a fun shopping day. I notice that the yarn shops really DO carry totally different yarns. Haven't been to the two up north yet - probably need to check them out. I love The Studio and Misknits and those are dangerous places for me to walk into on my tight budget.

Laura said...

Whenever you need someone to pal around with on the northland visits, just holler. I think at least two of the owners know me by name. ::snicker::

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