Friday, October 12, 2007

A week of migraines.

But, thanks to better living through chemistry, it's not been too bad. I'm functional, managed to teach a beginner's class on Tuesday, but that's it. I use the migraines and resulting drug fog to excuse myself from housework. Despite that, there's been dishes washed, laundry done, and dinners cooked.

There's also been yarn bought. Yes, I'm on a yarn diet of sorts, but... This is such a good sale! Knitcraft had a great sale, the dregs of which I bought today. There's still tons over there. I spent $94 on $300 worth of yarn.

You might think the more budget minded of us, the Hubs, would poop a cat at this. Not after he got these beauts! Every so often, I have to make him something to prove the yarn IS being used and not stored for a nuclear winter. They're the same dyelot, on the same needles with the same stitch count. I always knit tighter on the second sock, my own personal second sock syndrome. Still, he loves them. Isn't that sweet? We can save for Christmas later.

No sooner had I cast off those, I cast on these: When it grows up, it'll resemble something like this:

I'd not read through the pattern before casting on, and maybe I should have. It's a 'cafeteria' style pattern, you mix and match the fair isle designs as you go. No two pairs, or even socks, can ever be the same. Even if the patterns are identical, the color variegation won't let the anal retentive of us make them match. I'm surprised at how far I've gone on this sock already. Especially since I had to rip back six rows to pick up a dropped stitch. That's my only complaint about the Socks that Rock yarns, they're slippery. I suppose that also helps with the speed, too.

Today, I drug (or dragged, I'll have to review) Fry to a yarn store. Today was the last in a week's worth of sale time at Knitcraft. I think I've been very good, not going there day after day, spending Fry's college money on sale yarn. I bought a couple of patterns thats use stashed yarns, and then added to the stash. I did really try not to, but... This beauty, Muench Yarn's Cleo was $2.50, a LOT less than everyone else's $14.35. I bought all of this color they had, 18 balls. There's tons left, sad to say.

Then, I had this in the stash already, 4 little skeins. Then after seeing a lovely sweater on, I had to get the matching skeins left. The first 4 I found at Urban Arts, the second 3 at Knitcraft, and they're all the same dyelot. Weird, huh? But, 7 is enough for a lovely blouse.

Finally, Fry wanted me to make her some Halloween socks. She picked out a sparkly black and silver tape yarn, and I found some Regia stretch sock yarn for the body. I'm making her Girly Goth socks, where they look like baby doll socks, but are black. It'll be great.


Susan said...

Good scores! Hey, guess what is coming to OKC? ..SWAK!!! Yep, they're opening a store in the City. And it's not way out on the rich side either. I used to live fairly close to where they're going to be..guess it's a good thing I've moved LOL.

ChelleC said...

Sounds like Knitcraft had some real bargains. Wow!

Hope the migraines are finished.

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