Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Say it isn't so!

OMG! K-Fed and Brittney broke up?! Who would have ever thought it?!

Catty Alert: She's still not as trashy as her future ex-husband. Both her kids are legitimate AND have the same father. Brittney will never be as low as K-Fed on the trailer park yardstick. The yardstick goes from "Jerry Springer has you on speeddial" to "You're only slumming it for the kitch factor" level, by the way.

On to lovely politics. For my Missouri friends: Did y'all know about the minimum wage increase request? Plus, the yes or no to let non-profits and veterans organizations NOT pay property tax? No one thought to protest the new charge for fire safety inspections, those charges based on square footage? Stem cells and higher cigarettes stole the show. Of course the minimum wage needs increasing, but should we let churches and other organizations not pay their property tax? They already don't pay income taxes, and I think they get out of paying sales tax. The 'veterans' is there to throw voters. You can't vote against something with the word 'veterans' in it, that's anti-American! If an organization currently pays property tax, they shouldn't be allowed to weasle out of it. Next, the fire safety inspection money would go to the fire departments. Um, since when is public safety a profit center? Isn't this why we pay sales, city, and state tax? Never mind the unending calls from the associations of police, state troopers, firemen, and any other public servants, all calling with their hands out for our money.

Let's move away from politics and onto dead animals. When one is in a marriage, and one is the 'farm' person, that farm person is expected to deal with the dead things laying around. Not that dead animals lie scattered around our house. (It IS lie, isn't it? They lie there, but I didn't lay them there, right?) Squeeky III is in the laundry room, in, yes, a shoebox, waiting for services later. To be fair, Hubby was at an old fogey's meeting tonight and missed all the fun. If I were truly evil, I wouldn't have warned him of the dead rodent on the clothes washer. Something else that's good, Squeeky's grave will be easy to dig. With Squeeky I, the ground was frozen solid. Hubby, of course, didn't deal with the carcass, being 'on vacation' in Kuwait. The only bad thing is, the weather is way too warm to be happy about a corpse in the house. Squeeky I could have stayed in the garage until spring thaw, no such luck for Squeeky III.

Fry took this latest death hard, but not nearly as bad as Squeeky I or Herbie's passing. Squeeky II, in case anyone wonders, died within hours of bringing him home. Not much attachment there.

Yes, knitting has been done. Not a lot, what with voting, returning items at Home Depot, and tearing off tile in the kitchen. I'm working on... MOM'S Christmas gift! Whatever could it be? I can't tell, although I do know she'll like it. Why? Because she's my Mom! I'm her favorite kid, just like my other sisters. :D


ChelleC said...

Who is Squeaky? Is he/she a hamster or what? Did it die of a lice infestation or what?

I'd say just stick with cats and dogs for pets.

Laura said...

LOL! No, Squeaky didn't die of lice. If that were the case, the house would be fumigating even as I type. I'm talking one of those tent things and all. Squeak died of old age, and was a beloved guinea pig.

I'm with you on the cats and dogs. Claude Van Dam Cat causes enough mess around here as is.

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