Monday, November 06, 2006

The Yarn Stops Here

I think I might have to give the yarn buying a rest. Hubby came home from drill yesterday, and while we were at the Olive Garden celebrating his birthday, I mentioned the Knitcraft's great yarn sale. Since Fry was there, she gleefully told him how much I'd bought, earning me a wince from him. It wasn't THAT much. :P The boy needs a new pair of socks, just so he'll know I love him.

Nothing fits. Oh yeah, of course not my clothes, that's a given after all the pumpkin pie in the past month. No, I'm talking about light bulbs, 36 cabinet and drawer pulls, and our gorgeous new window blinds. Anyone who's see our kitchen bay windows, tell me, don't you think they're MORE than 29" long? Wouldn't any sane, rational human being know this? For some idiotic reason, I wrote 29" instead of 62" Was I thinking 59"? Surely not 92"? Was I under a migraine's influence? Who knows? At least with the recessed light bulbs, they look the same, just bigger. Plus, the cabinet handles, aren't they supposed to be a standard size? I wanted THOSE pulls and they totally don't fit. What crap.

Two down, two to go. The two sisters' Christmas presents are done, now it's the parents that need theirs. When I make something, I'm always nervous. What if they don't like it? I always think happy thoughts about the giftee while knitting, plus, if it's something they wear, like a sweater, I give it a hug before wrapping it away for gifting.

I'll need to get a little further in the Christmas knitting before committing myself, but here's a couple of charities I'm wanting to cast on and support. First is Norma's Red Scarf Project. I did this last year and had fun with it. Even better? They DON'T want the scarves before January. Thus, this is a great project if you get tired of knitting the same thing. I usually have a big needle and a small needle project going at the same time, just to keep the hand cramps away. Small needle is my purple cardigan, big needle is the Christmas surprise. Even bigger will be a shawl for my cousin, since I'm sure she's bitter by now. She'd admired one I'd made my Mom, and I'd not made something cousin-worthy since. I'm also thinking I need to make her kids some mittens as well. Two of them are Fry's age, while the baby girl is younger. They're all girls, so it'll be fun to find yarns girlish without being girly.

Oh, the other charity project is Caps to the Capitol. While I don't think it'll change our President's mind about helping babies in third world countries, it'll help me to know I did something good. What would I rather have, all this scrap yarn in my stash, or sending my knitted up scraps to a tiny baby needing warmth? Easy choice, huh? It would be nice to commit to a cap a day. Sounds like a good time to sketch up a goal list, huh? ;)


ChelleC said...

Laura,my yarn buying too must come to a halt!!!!!

Laura said...

Well...I signed up for 2007's Socks that Rock club and told the Hubs about it. I also may have mentioned not buying any more yarn in 2006. There's only five more classes for me this year, so maybe I can squeek by with not buying anything yarny.

Of course, that means 2007 is fair game. :D

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