Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Alive!

Dang! I seriously need to blog more. It's so cold out, I tend to want to hibernate. Not that there's any laying around, ok, some.

In the past week plus, there's been roses, yarn, doggie graduations, and Presidential celebrations. Mass quantities of chocolate was eaten, washed down with diet soda. Wonder why all of us are stick thin??? :)

At any rate, here is the week in review...

Lucky has now been through Advanced training for dogs at Petsmart. He's really good at all the commands, as long as the bribes are handy. The big thing is, he kept his graduation cap on for several pictures! We were so proud of him!

We went on the superlong walk this day. All the snow had melted and the streets were great.

Here is evidence I went yarn shopping. Lemon! Our former car is here, parked behind the Studio. My sock yarn came in, and of course I had to go get it. I've already swatched it and am making a tee for Fry.

The Fry was bushed this evening and passed out on the couch, so the boy and I went for a superlong walk. We didn't see Gomez this evening. Gomez is another beagle we stop and say hi to every time.

Presidents' Day passed, and in honor of that, the Kansas City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution dedicate a wreath to Washington's Statue every Presidents' Day. (Is it t's or ts'? There's more than one president...) The weather was clear, but cold, so we all enjoyed running off to Pierpoint's in Union Station for lunch. We had to use our best manners, cloth napkins and all.

Isn't she sweet? The baby had to stay home today, due to 'not feeling good'. Sore throat, nausea, and sleeping all morning long convinced me. Tomorrow, though, she's out of here. I snuck in a few kisses on that sweet face.

Here's the bottom of Frygirl's cardigan so far. It's at 15 inches and I'll divide for armholes at 16 inches. Yay! I love progress.

Here's a better picture of the brown Rowan Summer Tweed on the hanger instead of me. I know, I'm bragging, but most people don't guess I made it. :D

After some water and homemade chicken noodle soup, Fry felt well enough to play with her pup for a little while. She's already back in the house, relaxing.

Finally, here's the bottom of the Husband's sweater. Poor guy, it only took me two to three years to make him another. The color is so wrong on this, it should be a lot more maroon. It's his favorite and he's already loving the fabric.

The photo below shows the color much better than the one above.

Let's see... Other than great times with friends, fun times with my dog and cat, and cleaning house, it's been business as usual. I walked Lucky the superlong walk today, 2.5 miles, because tomorrow we'll have arctic temperatures. Supposedly. It'll drop back into the twenties. Not bad unless it's windy. Give me a couple-three months, I'll be whining about the heat. ;)


Susan said...

Busy girl! I just love Fry's sweater. You're an amazing knitter. And major congrats to Lucky and his handler. WTG!

ChelleC said...

Lucky graduated - yay! He looks proud. Fry is sick, gosh all the kids are lately. Emily was sick last week - high fever, chills, dizzy etc. but she got over it fairly quickly.

Your sweaters, btoh finished and in progress look great.

Tracy said...

Yep, just like I told you, sweet sleeping faces!

I need to graduate to sweater knitting one of these days. I should do it while my littlest is still so little that I might actually be able to finish it.

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