Friday, February 08, 2008

Update and Pictures!

Isn't everyone ready for some Friday fun? It snowed a good three inches, if not more, here on Tuesday, and is still covering the ground. Fry was home on Wednesday, so of course I did nothing significant. Tuesday, I spent most of the afternoon with Mary, admiring her home, having lunch, and adding to the yarn stash, (of course). I had a great time, it was fun being a lady who lunches. All I needed was the wide brimmed hat and tiny dog in my purse. Although how anything more could fit in there, I don't know.

So what was bought? Let me show you!

This is for my own Bacardi cardigan, which may be a pullover. I'd rather have pullovers, and I already have a nice Summer tweed cardigan. I also don't have a picture of it, but Chelle does! At any rate, here's the yarn for the pullover:

Fry is still getting her cardigan to match her crazy socks, here is the yarn bought before Tuesday's outing.

The first picture in Chelle's post shows Kay and her wonderful Dome Hill Yarn. Chelle tells more about the feeding frenzy when Kay brought this lovely stuff to sell. I scored some of my own after it was 'picked over' which is great. I have such a hard time deciding which one to get, I loved the help the other gals provided. Their 'sacrifice' is very appreciated. Black Rose happens to be the Husband's favorite color. How do I know this? He picked the yarn for his next sweater, which is the big ball of burgandy in the background here.

I had fun getting acquainted with Mary's cats. They're all former strays or from the 'home' as my aunt puts it. Even the cranky one sorta liked me at first. I learned something new, that all cats don't like their back scratched. Claude does, loves it, in fact. Behind the ears is ok, but the places on his back he can't reach, when scratched, starts his purr motor in high gear.

This is Claude saying, "I like it when she whispers 'Cat Food!' best."

Poor guy was all worried yesterday. I took all the kitchen rugs into the living room for vacuuming, robbing him of his favorite 'flops'. He wandered around with a worried look on his face before heading upstairs to sleep on our bed. I spent a couple of hours spring cleaning the kitchen and wood floors. After that, I was going to wash the sheets, but didn't want to disturb Claude. He looked so sweet and comfy, I couldn't kick him out of bed.

Speaking of sweet...When Fry came home, she was feeling tired, cranky, and sick. She protested over taking a nap, but I made her go upstairs, get in our bed, and lay there for 15 minutes. If she didn't fall asleep, then she didn't need a nap. She was out before I got my running shoes tied. Both she and Claude were snuggled, sound asleep. So what did I do? Walked the dog!

Poor Lucky! We did the super-long walk for 2.4 miles. The weather was so nice, middle thirties, that we had a decent time. He pulled on me the whole way, which is a big no no. My trapezoids are sore from trying to keep him in line. On our walk, a yellow school bus dropped off some elementary kids who had to love on him and feed Lucky some treats for tricks. Everyone loves the shake. :) After that, we saw Gomez, another beagle in the neighborhood. His owners don't know we stop by on every walk to say 'Hi'. Since some dogs have sensitive tummies, we never feed Gomez treats, but do pet him a little. Lucky goes bananas, wanting to play, while Gomez is quiet and sweet.

Yesterday, Fry came home and asked, "Why is there yarn on the stove?"

Everyone who's ever dyed yarn knows why! I'm in the mood to create some crazy colors of my own. Should be a fun fiasco.

In the knit projects area: Little Goopa's (my baby sister) birthday gift is almost done! Second sleeve and a collar, and I'm done! I'm using Berroco's Love It! I really do love this yarn, it's aptly named. It knits superfast and is nice and squishy. Fry has a hoodie I'm working on, but I'm not liking Red Heart's Strata. It's rougher than the Supersaver, and it's a good thing I love the color. The raspberries and cream colorway, Passion, is what's keeping me going on this.


ChelleC said...

Good luck with the dying efforts. I can't wait to see the results.

Susan said... made me have a rather unplanned day. I surfed over to Chelle's to see your sweater. GREAT pic of you and Fry, btw. So I read through the post and down at the bottom were the Cupcake mitts. Yow..I love those! So then I had to re-sign up for Etsy cause I couldn't remember my name. And I'd forgotten my Paypal password so got a new one and finally got the pattern. But then...I have NO dk yarn. So I just HAD to drive to SWAK in the City. Yes, I was important. I got a bunch of Comfort DK..good price and soft, soft yarn although the yarn snobs will probably sneer. Ask me if I care. Btw, I love the colors for Fry's sweater. I'm in a really bright mood these days. But every cotton sweater I've ever had just got huge after the first washing. I do wash them by hand and dry them flat but jeez, they cover the whole table and I'm not that big! Any tips???

Laura said...

Chelle, I'll bring the crapola results on Saturday. Hope Kay is there so she knows what talent she has. :D

Susan, ha ha! Poor girl, but isn't SWAK great? I've been to the Guthrie store once, and ordered online twice. They're great and have our local store beat all to heck in the ordering department. Fry won't wear her sweater, sad to say. :( She loves it, but won't wear it. Go figure.

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