Thursday, March 27, 2008

I should blog...

...but I've been busy.
Between catching up on laundry and fighting off a headache, I've been working on this, an eensy square at a time. The colors of the Noro Kuryeon sock yarn overpowered my will. There's already four other projects on the needles, so I didn't really want to start a long-term project on size 0 US needles. Ah well, such is the pull of Noro's colors.

This, though, was done on the road trip. It's fun, and I knit a lot further than I thought I would in the driving time.

I ran around today, visiting the neurologist, Yarn Shop & More (always fun), a free trade store, a Persian grocery, a seafood store, and Italian deli. After that, a health food store and Home Depot. By then, the migraine I'd been fighting all week had me down for the count. No worries, a couple of Relpax and a nap later, and it's all gone. :)

P.S. I not only have the best family members, I have the best friends. I consider myself a very fortunate person.


ChelleC said...

Hey what is that gorgeous thing you're making that you have INDEED made a lot of progress on. Which project is it?

Can't wait to see you Saturday. And you ARE coming Saturday, right?

Susan said...

ohhh so pretty, but it looks really hard! Sounds like you got a really good bunch of shopping done..and fun stuff too.

ChelleC said...

Hey where have you been?

fleegle said...

That sock looks to be stunning!

And all that yarn---yaaahhhh! Lovely, soft, springlike choices.

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