Monday, March 03, 2008

Who ordered another dose of winter?

Seriously. How warm was it yesterday? How cold is it today? I'm trying to figure out how to stay in the house all week and ignore the freeze. It's already not working, I had to check the mail (might have been a yarn catalogue in there!!!) and clean the front glass door.

Since I think I'm PMSing, or at least let's hope that's why I'm feelin' crabby, let's ruin Christmas for my sisters. Since this IS March, it's time Christmas was wrecked for them, don't you think? In fact, let's ruin the Little Goopa's birthday as well, since it was on Martin Luther King's birthday.

Goopa's Christmas, as modeled by the newly ear pierced Frygirl.

Little Goopa's birthday present sans sleeves. I sewed one on, then undid due to the crap job I did. I loathe finishing, the result is never good enough for me. My next task is to knit up swatches in this yarn and practice mattress stitching them together so this looks somewhat professional. Always the goal, you know.

Here we have the lovely Toppa's Christmas, perfect for wearing over a light shirt. This is perfect for the spring when it's sorta warm, sorta cold.

This isn't a Christmas present, it's mine. Finally, after a year, I'm calling this puppy done. It sat in my laundry room for nine months, gathering dust and pissing me off. I don't like UnFinished Objects and the KnitALong died on the vine. It's pretty busy as is, so all I did was weave a few beads on the front, none on the back due to the sitting on a pea feeling I knew I'd have. Pick up and knit around the sleeve edging, including beads along the way. Finally, I took some ribbon yarn and wove it in the yarn over holes lining the bottom hem. It gave the Not a Poncho some sparkle without overwhelming the garment. I love it and look forward to showing it off in real life sometime.

Progress on Fry's cardigan...

Here's the first sleeve at my favorite haunt, the computer. This is where my butt gets flat every day. There's a space heater at my feet, a TV to the left, and a fridge right behind me.

Oh, and a cat hanging around, too. I'd spent most of the morning upstairs, putting away laundry and he followed, meowing a "What? You don't like the space heater?" His fur gets ruffled if I don't keep to the schedule of feeding him, letting him sleep on the bed, and pushing the space heater closer to him.

Since we hang out together so much, I know his expression says, "I was sleeping. Leave me alone."


Mary said...

For a minute there, I thought Claud WAS your foot heater!

Fry is pierced?! That's so exciting. (At least the first one is. Russ and I saw a 40+ worman at Carraba's Saturday night with studs from lobe crease ON BOTH EARS! and a few in the middle. Maybe she doesn't know they make jewelry boxes for earrings.)

Missed you Sat!!! and three more weeks to go! I saw a South Park promo using some PBS show for premise where one face said "M" and the other face said "om" them Cartman said "Maehm" No one does Cartman like you!

Mary said...

Oh man! Proof before sending!!! I shorted Claude an "e" and wrote "them" when I meant "then". That's why I need to see people in person. I speak better than I type.

ChelleC said...

Ah, Fry is growing up - the earrings are nice. Grown up, but not TOO grown up.

The Icelandic NAP is gorgeous. I love the beads you put on and the finishing embellishment touches. It looks nice without beign gawdy. Nice work!

Wish you could come to the group again soon. We missed you. Chelle

Laura said...

Mary, ha! You should hear Fry when she wants something. She does the Maehm very well. It softens me up for her getting something she shouldn't have. Don't you love that Sesame Street/South Park promo?! I'm so glad the writer's strike is over.

Don't fret, typing wasn't my strong point, either. I can type 35-45 wpm, which is way sad.

Hi Chelle! I know. These three weekends are gruelling. Fry said last Saturday after knit class that she missed the group. :( Thanks for the kudos on the NAP. I don't know if it were a conscious effort to keep the glitz from overwhelming, or just laziness. Weaving in beads just right is tough. They want to migrate to the other side.

Laura said...

PS. Ewww on the multi piercing. Once each lobe is bad enough. The gal does need something for her earrings, what happens after birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries? She's going to run out of loose ski-... Wait, you said 40+? Never mind. :D

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