Thursday, February 06, 2003

Stupid f*ing brain hurts today. Sorry for language, but I didn't want this. Teaching class while under the influence should be fun. Midrin has sedatives so I'm sure to be the Bob Ross of knitting. "Now, let's make happy yarn-overs, everyone..."

I did EVERYTHING on my list yesterday except PM Yoga and face washing for the night. I know, but still, when I worked out, I did the stair stepper for a full 20 minutes, exceeding the prior 10 minutes. Plus, I did 5 minutes at level 3, another 5 at level 4, then 5 at 5, then back down to 5 at 4. Cool, huh? Then I walked at 3.5 mph for 10 minutes. I'd also done well on keeping the cals down. I'd worked out so much and ate so little that at 2:00pm, my net calories were at zero. :) I ate little dinner, but then binged on 2 cups of cereal. It added 500 cals to my daily total of 1100. Then this morning, my Weight Commander said it expects my weight to go up, since it'd stayed at 166 for the past three days and that if I wanted to change the new upward trend, I needed to work out more and eat less.

Fine. As soon as my headache is adequately medicated, I'm working out here at home and I'm keeping my calories to 500 or less today. I do not want to be this fat any more. If my body wants to be a jerk and metabolically sabotage me until I have to work out 2 hours every day and eat 500 cals a day to lose weight, so be it. I'm the boss of my body, I choose how and when I gain weight and if my body doesn't get the message, well, then, I'll just keep at it until it learns. I had an orange for breakfast, and since I am teaching class, I'm waiting to eat a snack with V when she gets home and then maybe a budget gourmet and yogurt before I leave for class. It'll add up to 460, so the snack can be a salad with basalmic vinegar. Crunchies will add 40 cals and bring me right at 500 calories for the day. Here are my plans for between now, 12:30, and leaving for class at 5:00...

Activities Number of minutes Calories burned
Aerobics 45 336
Cooking 10 29
House cleaning 30 134
Showering 15 71
Yoga 30 199
Total calories burned 769

Cool, huh? I can totally eradicate my calories today. I'll let you know how it goes.....

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