Thursday, September 14, 2006

Friday will be much more fun.

Really it will. There'll be action, excitement, and pictures. Cat pictures, chicken pictures, all sorts of great bandwidth suckers.

In a nutshell,
Tuesday: Peeling wallpaper in the kitchen, general decluttering.
Wednesday: Shopping for weedeater parts/new weedeater, and beginning a sewing project.
Thursday: Teaching class (beginning knitting, very fun!), and cutting fabric.

Yes, very exciting if you love to yawn.

Fry wants to wear a Pilgrim dress to the Sons of the American Revolution event. One of the other Children of the American Revolution kids will be wearing colonial so Fry needs to, too. This dress will be simpler than the one for confirmation. No lining or scalloped edges. Lots of fabric, though. Yikes!

Have I ever mentioned I never took Home Ec? After the chicken coop fiasco, I'm ashamed to admit I took farm ed, instead. Not to worry, Wednesday, I found better posts for the chicken coop. Goals are, dress done on Saturday, coop on Sunday.

Does anyone know how to keep a chicken warm in the winter? I'm not bringing Herbie into the house, and I can't find a pattern for a chicken sweater. He does have his own blanket, a fleece remnant from Joann's. I'm thinking of knitting him one, too, an acrylic and easily washable.


Camie Vog said...

This cat adopted my parents last winter. Since they already have one cat in the house, they made the new one stay outside. They bought it a plastic "dog" house and a heated dog pad to go in it. Oh, they also got it a heated water dish. I think my mom got the stuff at PetSmart.

Maenwyn said...

You can use a heat lamp, to keep Herbie warm. Also have space for him to move away from the lamp if necessary. Heated water dish would be great, with some wind-proof shelter.

What? No heated, air-conditioned chicken house, yet?

Susan said...

I think both of those are great suggestions. I can't wait to see what Chez Herbie becomes!

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